I Am A Goddess Perfection Loved Powerful !!

Over 21 Great Sex Affirmations for greater sexual intimacy, erotic moments and sexual ecstacy

Our sexual responses, reactions, and our abilities to receive sexual pleasure begin with our frame of mind; however, childhood parental issues and other issues and traumas, along with society’s beliefs about sex and our parents beliefs about sex, inadvertently are passed onto us. All of this shapes the way we FEEL and experience sex. I believe that the biggest mistake that parents make is they don’t tell their children that their bodies can be such a wonderful and healthy source for feeling good and that being sexual as an adult is healthy. Having sexual feelings is a power within us that cannot be denied. Through illumination of your body, you will begin to reawaken and feel your sexual feelings and release fear, shame, guilt. sexual trauma, etc. from past and present lifetimes. This will help you to open the door to passion and intimacy far beyond what you have ever imagined. You will feel your own sexual feelings through changing your inner most belief about sex. 

Here are 20 great affirmations for greater sexual pleasure and erotic fulfillment. It is very important that you repeat your chosen Great Sex Affirmation out loud over and over again 1/2 to 1 hour a day WITHOUT SKIPPING A DAY. It works if you work it!

 Divine Love is flowing through me now in illuminating my body for greater sexual feelings, erotic sensations and orgasmic bliss. 

It is my divine right to experience sexual pleasure, erotic sensations and pure orgasmic bliss. 

I am experiencing wild uninhibited lost in each other passionate sex with ______.

God is blessing my sex life.

God’s divine viagra is working through me now in creating long lasting erections

I am an orgasmic goddess who knows how to experience the ultimate sexual pleasureable moments with my lover. 

I am a multiple orgasmic Goddess.

Goddess Aphrodite is working through me now in creating perfect romantic unhurried soft and sensual lovemaking between_____ and me. 

I am experiencing Mind Blowing Sex  between ____ and me right now. 

All my deepest sexual and erotic fantasies are coming true with the perfect sex partner for me or with _____.

I am erotically experiencing perfect non stop stroking, tickling and oral delights between ____ aand me.

I am experiencing perfect nurturing soul connected sex between ___ and me.

I am feeling divinely able to pleasure myself, and I am receiving the ultimate divine pleasure in doing so. 

Perfect powerful  time stands still lovemaking is happening between _____ and me right now. 

Perfect divinely explosive never ending orgasms are happening for me in my sex life right now.

I am blessed with a very high sex drive and a healthy libido.

The divine sexy spirit within me is taking me on a very wild stimulating and erotic journeys.

I am a sex magnet.

I am a healthy sexual woman (or man) with a very strong healthy and excited libido.

I am experiencing greater sex, joy and intimacy between ____ and me.