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Over 21 Sex Affirmations

Our sexual responses, reactions, and our abilities to receive sexual pleasure begin with our frame of mind; however, childhood parental issues and other issues and traumas, along with society’s beliefs about sex and our parents beliefs about sex, inadvertently are passed onto us. All of this shapes the way we FEEL and experience sex. I believe that the biggest mistake that parents make is they don’t tell their children that their bodies can be such a wonderful and healthy source for feeling good and that being sexual as an adult is healthy. Having sexual feelings is a power within us that cannot be denied. Through illumination of your body, you will begin to reawaken and feel your sexual feelings and release fear, shame, guilt. sexual trauma, etc. from past and present lifetimes. This will help you to open the door to passion and intimacy far beyond what you have ever imagined. You will feel your own sexual feelings through changing your inner most belief about sex. Click on the youtube video below for ahot great sex affirmation.