Dream Programming With The Angels and Archangels For Love and ROmance and for mabifesting Your Soul Mate and Love Joy and Intimacy
Dream Programming With The Angels and Archangels For Love and ROmance and for mabifesting Your Soul Mate and Love Joy and Intimacy

Dream Guides: Angels & Archangels

Angelic Dream Guides - Angels, Archangels And Guardian Angels

I have been praying with the Angels, my Guardian Angels and Archangels for a very long time. I have also been calling them into my dreams. 

 Archangels are very powerful beings of light, and praying with them and doing dream incubation (dream programming) with them has totally shifted my world in knowing that I am being taken care of, and that I am not alone. They have brought me much peace and serenity and the knowing that my prayers without a doubt will be answered in a way that is for my highest and best good. The Angels and Archangels are ready for us to call on them whether it be during the day or in our dreams. Just call on them during the day if you need their guidance.

For night time praying and dream programming with the Angels, Guardian Angels and Archangels, when I get into bed. Right before I go to sleep, I ask my chosen and favorite angelic dream guide (angels, archangels and Guardian Angels) to work with me in my dreams. Sometimes, I call in more than one Angelic Dream Guide, and then I  have an Angelic Slumber Party in my dreams. My Angelic dream guides always bring me important messages relating to my love life or any other part of my life that I need answers to.

 I have blogged my experiences, because my Angelic  Dream Guides have been so important in my life. For this reason, I know they can help YOU the way they have helped me.

You, my blog reader,  might want to  learn what is blocking you from attracting your soul mate. When called, your Angel Guides may have  important essential messages on your dream journey to meeting your sexy juicy soul mate of your dreams. I cannot stress enough how essential it is for you to journal the messages that you receive from your dreams when you first wake up in the morning while they are fresh in your memory. Once you write your dreams down, there is no need to ask anyone else. You are the story teller in your dreams, and you know how your life has evolved and the things you have gone through. As you are journaling your dreams, write about what you feel your dream is about, and you could very possible have some ah ha moments. and 

If you have trouble remembering your dreams, ask your dream guide(s) for the night to help you to remember your dreams when you wake up. You may have to call your dream guide in more then once before your dream of meeting your dream lover (soul mate/twin flame) comes to you on the Astral Plane.

When you finally meet your soul mate/twin flame on the Astral Plane, you might kiss, make love, talk, hold hands, etc. It will feel very real.  When this happens, know without a shadow of a doubt that he or she will come into your life in the physical world; and it will be like a love at first site connection. After you have had your dream, write down in detail your dream. You will be surprised by how it comes true exactly as you dreamed it. 

Here are a few of the Angels and Archangels that I have programmed into my dreams. They have taken me on wonderful dream journeys, and you will have wonderful experiences with them. Of course you can ask them for help in your waking hours as well.

Angels Of Uranus

Program ARIEL into your dreams for deeper lovemaking and for calming the waters in arguments, & she can also help prevent a lover from cheating. For me, I have called her into my dreams to work out issues in my love life.  You can also call her in for working with you for greater prosperity.

Archangel Chamuel is known as the Archangel of love, you can program him into your dreams to assist you seeking a new juicy soul mate or if you want to improve an already existing soul mate relationship. If you do not think you are worthy or loveable, he is excellent at clearing your negative emotions and feelings of not being worthy too.

Program ANGEL DARACHIEL into your dreams for finding new love and deepening a friendship.

ANGEL DONQUEL is known as one of the angels of Venus. Both men and women can program him into their dreams for finding true love/twin souls, intimate relationships and romance; however, he is usually called upon by men to find them the right woman.

I have programmed ARCHANGEL MICHAEL into my dreams for travel protection, for guidance in choosing the perfect right relationship for me and for healing.

ANGEL MIHAEL is the angel of lasting soul mate/twin flame love. Mihael brings me beautiful messages of love when I program him into my dreams. When I meditate with him, I received the affirmation “I am pure love and magnificence”.  I am the founder of the Angel Mihael Soul Mate Dream Reiki Attunement for sale here in my Dream Store.

I have worked with Archangel Raphael a lot in my dreams for emotional healing. He is a healing Archangel, and will help your heart to heal from lost relationships and from your past in general. A heart cannot love if it is covered in grief, sadness, abandonment issues, anger, etc. He will also open your heart to an already existing or new love. He can also help you move forward and accept a new love.

When you program your dreams with the Angels, Archangels and your Guardian Angels specifically for working on your love life, it is most effective to call in the energies of the differently healing crystals; specifically the energies of the Ruby (hot nights of passion) and Pink Topaz (for finding your soul mate). Of course, if you have the crystals, place them under your pillow. They will super enhance your juicy dream journeys.

A Little Bit About Me

I am an attract your soul mate psychic, psychic medium and love psychic, and I am also a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner/Coach. I am called the Juicy Dream Coach, because I love to help my clients discover the juicy dreamer in them. I will guide you in your dreams as you begin your dream journey for the purpose of creating your dream lover and soul mate.

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