Sexual Telepathy + How To Send Sexual & Emotional Psychic Messages To A Lover, Ex Lover Or Soul Mate

As a psychic medium and clairsentient, I am gifted with the ability to pick up emotional and sexual thoughts  and feelings from soul mates, present lovers and past lovers and even future potential lovers.. Their energy can be so intense and so distracting at times that the only way to stop  their sexual thoughts is to send their sexual energy right back to them with a method that I call sexual telepathy. .It is very effective on sending it to men, because they cannot hide their excitement. 

Sending emotional and sexual telepathic messages  to a lover, soul mate, twin flame, lost love, etc. is a very essential  topic that is important to be addressed. If you are single, like me, chances are that you have  experienced the powerful, erotic and magnetic connection between two souls destined to be together for just moments or for long periods of time. If you want to be playful, and let your lover know that you are thinking about them in an erotic way, send them some sexual telepathy. If your lover is a guy, then he will not be able to hide his excitement. Perhaps he will be at work, and boom all of a sudden he cannot get out behind his desk. Perhaps your relationship has unexpectedly ended, and you are devastated.  You are  longing for him or her to return. Sending him/her a little bit of sexual telepathic fun mixed with a bit of emotional telepathy might bring him or her back to you, and then again MAYBE NOT. If you would like to know if it is in your lost love’s will to return to you, purchase a feelings psychic reading from me. . 

Anyone with a powerful imagination and the ability to do creative visualization WITH FEELING can do this. If you are able to send telepathic thoughts to a lover, then you can manifest anything you want in your life. YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL. I recommend doing this about 15 minutes a day. 

If you are feeling an intense energy in your chest area or in your sexual area at the moment you are doing this, it is because he or she is thinking about you either emotionally or sexually  at that moment in time. Click here to read more about how to know when someone is thinking of you.


Sending telepathic messages (sexual and emotional) is like doing creative visualization. You can either send telepathic messages with your eyes open or your eyes closed. There is no right or wrong way to do this.


With your eyes open, find a blank wall,  and see the face of your lover or ex-lover on that blank wall. For emotional telepathy and to send telepathic messages to someone,  SEE and FEEL yourself sending  the pink light of pure divine love to him or her.  For sexual telepathy, SEE and FEEL yourself sending the red light of erotic love to him or her. You are sending the energy through your eyes.  Tell the person quietly or out loud (depending where you are) that you are sending them the pink light of pure divine love or the red light of erotic love or both. Now say  “I want to have sex with you, etc. etc. etc.” (you know what to say wink wink). We all have very creative erotic imaginations, so go with the flow of what you are feeling. Imagine yourself doing what you desire to do to him or her.. I guarantee you send the energy with feeling either quietly or out loud, he or she will feel it and experience it..

Be creative, and most of all BE YOU. You can also send them emotional telepathic messages like “I love you so and so. I want to marry you so and so. I can’t imagine my life with anyone else but you. I want to make love to you.


Doing emotional and sexual telepathy with your eyes closed  is called creative visualization. Creative Visualization is a powerful way of imagining yourself in the arms of your lover or lost love. You can manifest anything you want in your life through creative visualization. Now close your eyes, and see the face and body of the lover or lost love in your mind’s eye, and then see yourself sending them the pink light of pure divine love and/or the red light of erotic love. Now imagine yourself making love to him or her  in whatever fashion you desire. Use your powerful imagination, and most important FEEL YOURSELF making love to him or her and whispering sweet nothings in their ear. Do this 15 minutes a day.



In my working days when I worked in the corporate world and I once felt a man thinking about me sexually, that I was dating.  I remember it distracted me to no end. I had to go in my car on a break, and I sent the sexual energy right back to him. He ended up calling me, and asking me to stop due to the fact that he couldn’t get out from behind his desk. Now that is an example of sending playful and fun telepathic sexual messages. 


Allow me to share an experience with you about the do’s and don’ts of sending sexual and emotional thoughts to someone.  This experience is from over 25 years ago. I was seeing somebody in another state, and to make a long story short, it ended quite suddenly. I was heartbroken; so, I started sending messages saying “I want to marry Linda”. Well guess what, it worked, but not for me. He ended up marrying another woman named Linda. You have to be very careful how you send messages. Please, however, keep in mind that you DO NOT want to do anything against someone’s will. CLICK HERE for a feelings psychic reading to find out if it would be effective to send emotional telepathy or sexual telepathy to him or her.

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