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Have you ever felt a sudden burst of intense energy in your heart/chest area that feels like a weighty heavy intense overwhelming sensation right when you are thinking about your soulmate, lover, lost love, twin flame, love of your life, soul partner, secret crush. Brace yourself, for here’s a secret that will make your heart feel joyful. It is not just you thinking about him or her. Your soul mate, your lover, your lost love, your soul partner, your twin flame, the love of your life, your secret crush is thinking about YOU He or she is feeling the same exact feelings as you are at that same exact moment you are thinking about him or her.   Click here for a hidden feelings psychic reading.  


PSYCHIC READINGS THROUGH SPIRIT TAPPING – I  channel  by becoming one with my cosmic partnership with Spirit through what I like to call Spirit Tapping (aka spirit writing, automatic writing, spirit writing, spirit dictation ). Once my fingers hit the keys when doing an email reading, it is away we go with the speed of light to channel the messages that I receive. All will be revealed through my cosmic partnership with Spirit. Click here to purchase a pre recorded psychic reading or a zoom psychic reading, and you will see me tap tap tapping away as I give you a psychic reading. 

IN YOUR DREAMS, your soul mate awaits you. Are you a fellow dream enthusiast like me? Let me tell you, whenever I’m a free goddess, I channel my inner magician and program my dreams to lead me to my next soul mate. And voila! Like a genie out of a bottle, my dream soulmate comes to life. When I wake up, my heart races knowing that love is on its way in all its glory. And the best part? It’s like a script that unfolds perfectly every time! Life just got a little more thrilling. Click here to start your magical dream journey. Click here for a Dream Coaching + Psychic Reading Session Combo By Phone. 

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