My 3 Ebooks Are All About Soul Mates
My 3 Ebooks Are All About Soul Mates

Mythical Dream Guides: Gods & Goddesses

Dream Incubation (Also Called Dream Programming) For Manifesting Your Soul Mate/Twin Flame Through Your Dreams With Mythical Gods & Goddesses & More.

Enjoy Your Dream Journey!

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Although you can call in your dream guides for healing for any aspect of your life,  I created this page to guide you on your  juicy dream journey for creating your soul mate.

Here is a brief snippet from my kindle Ebook, “The Dreamers Guide to Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams”. I have compiled a list of some of the mythical Gods, Goddesses, etc. that I have programmed into my dreams as my mythical dream guides for the night. Some mythical dream guides I have used more than others. There are nights when I call only 1 dream guide into my dreams, and there are other nights when I say “LETS PARTY!”, and I call a few mythical guides into my dreams.

To work with Angels and Archangels in your nightly dream journeys, CLICK HERE for a list of the Angels and Archangels that I do dream work with.

When you get into bed. Right before you go to sleep, set the intention for incubating your dreams and then ask your chosen and favorite dreams guide(s) to introduce you to the perfect right sexy juicy soul mate/ twin flame on the Astral Plane (your Dream Lover). You may have to call them more then once before your dream of meeting your dream lover (soul mate/twin flame) comes to you on the Astral Plane. When you meet your soul mate/twin flame on the Astral Plane, you might kiss,make love, talk, hold hands, etc. It will feel very real.  When this happens, know without a shadow of a doubt that he or she will come into your life in the physical world; and it will be like a love at first site connection. After you have had your dream, write down in detail your dream. You will be surprised by how it comes true exactly as you dreamed it. 

Please also keep in mind, that if you have issues with relationships, and let’s say your pattern is creating emotionally unavailable men or women, you can incubate your dreams to help you to heal your emotional wounds before you work in your dreams on creating your soul mate.

In Chapters 8 and 9 of my Kindle Ebook, “The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams“, I listed a number of MYTHICAL GODS and MYTHICAL GODDESSES that you can program  into your dreams.  In addition, I have linked the names with the REIKI HEALING Systems that I have created in case you are interested in purchasing one of the systems.
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Mythical Goddesses

Dream Programing, Dream Incubation witth the Mythical Goddesses for attracting your future soul mate and enhancing your romantic relationships, healing, transformation through your dreams.

Goddess Aeval was a Celtic Irish Goddess, and she was known for holding midnight court to determine whether the complaints of Irish women regarding their men’s sexual performance were justified. If found guilty, the men were instructed to provide proper sexual satisfaction and ordered to deliver such to their women. If you are in need of greater sexual fulfillment, she is your goddess to program into your dreams.

Goddess Aine (Pronounced Anya) was a Celtic Goddess and Fairy Queen of love and desire, soul mates, sexuality, romance and fertility.  You can call her in for invoking love spells. She is a teacher of love, and she can help make your visions of love a reality. Aine is a deeply passionate deity. I have worked with her in meditation and in my dreams for healing my inner child. 

Goddess Ausrine was a Goddess of love and romantic love, emotional healing, rebirth, new beginnings, sensuality.

GODDESS APHRODITE was a Roman Goddess for finding true love, romantic happiness, beauty, sexual love, fertility, removing love blockages, for becoming more sexually and emotionally available, requited love and more.

GODDESS CHUANG-MU was the CHINESE GODDESS of the bedroom. Call her into your dreams for love, sex, passion, sexual ecstasy, improving your relationship, insomnia, etc.

GODDESS FLIDAIS was the CELTIC GODDESS of Sensuality and Lady of the Forest has a changing and transformative aspect of the feminine. Legends tell us that she could really change shape and become what she wanted. When her archetype is activated in us, we also see ourselves and the world in a different light.

GODDESS GUINEVERE was a powerful Goddess of Love and Relationships, and one of my most favorite MYTHICAL GODDESSES to program into my dreams. You can call upon her to help you find romance, love, and beautiful relationships. If you ask, she can connect you with her dazzling, intoxicating charms so that you can make yourselves irresistible to men! She can be called upon to help you find your soul mate. I have a very strong connection with her. There are times when I feel her thinking about me so strongly that I know she is calling out to me to work with her in my dreams.

GODDESS ISIS is the perfect goddess to work on in your dreams for past life issues.

I have meditated with the dreamy romantic energy of  GODDESS ISOLT, and she can bring you a new love or rekindle a lost loves. Her energy is not only a very strong healing energy, but also has an attracting force. She promotes devoted love and helps one to improve sexual expression within a relationship. Goddess Isolt teaches us about the power, endurance and unity of love.

GODDESS KAMAKHYA is the Tantric Mother Goddess for love, desire, eroticism.

She is the Arabic Version of the name Eve. She is the Eve of the Garden of Eden fame.  Invoke her in your dreams for the purpose of finding romantic happiness, for finding your soul mate, for rekindling your lost love and for your sexual awakening.

GODDESS LILITH will empower you to stand in your own power. She brings rebirth and honor, so that you can fully express your personal freedom and sexual passion. Rise up to strength and reclaim your own divinity as the Goddess that you are.

GODDESS MALAVISHK is an Etruscan LOVE GODDESS. Program her into your dreams when you want to reconnect with your femininity, your softness and feelings of being beautiful.

GODDESS OONAGH is the Irish Goddess of devotion in love relationships. She brings unconditional love to your relationships, so you will be willing to keep your commitment through thick and thin.

GODDESS PEITHO  is the Goddess of Persuasion. Program her into your dreams if you are a woman who wishes to marry. Whichever suitor proves to be the most charming and persuasive is said to be guided by Peitho, and should be the one the woman must marry. Peitho also protects the bond of marriage.

GODDESS RATI is the HINDU GODDESS of love, passion, sexuality, desire and pleasure, she is the Hindu equivalent to Aphrodite. She is beautiful and her body is ripe and full of womanly essence. Rati is here to prove to you that a woman does not need to be a perfect “10” for a man to want her. Men desire a partner who loves lovemaking and desire lovemaking; one who completely surrenders to her passion in active lovemaking and enjoys herself completely without shame or guilt.

GODDESS SHEELA-NA-GIG is a guiding influence for us in embracing our sexuality and to be proud of our bodies. She helps us to let go of sexual shame and guilt and to embrace our beautiful YONI (vagina), and she helps us let go of fear, shame and guilt over expressing, embracing and enjoying our sensual and sexual selves. The GODDESS SHEELA-NA-GIG is a wonderfully uninhibited Goddess in all her naked splendor.

GODDESS SJOFN is a powerful Norse Love Goddess who gets men and women to fall in love with each other and stay in love.

ROMAN GODDESS VENUS is the Equivalent to Aphrodite – Love, Sex, Feminine Beauty, Prosperity. I am the founder of the VENUS LOVE AND LUST DREAM REIKI ATTUNEMENT SYSTEM, which you find here in my Dream Store.

THE  EROTES were the winged gods of love, a multiplication of the god EROS. EROS (Love), HIMEROS (Desire), POTHOS (Passion), ANTEROS (Love Reciprocated), ANTHENIAN (for seeing the softer side of yourself and for gay men), HEDYLOGUS (Sweet Talk and Flattery), HYMENAIOS  (fear of commitment).

Mythical Mystical Gods

Dream Incubation Programming with these mythical gods to attract soul mate love, requited love, romantic love.

Program your dreams with this breathtakingly handsome spirit, ADONIS. He is fun, gorgeous and a divine lover in every sense of the phrase. He is a deity of pleasure. Women can program into their dreams in for some erotic delights while they sleep and to feel beautiful and sexy, and men can program him into their dreams to become irresistible and to feel handsome and sexy.

The Irish Lord of Love encourages vivid romantic dreams, removes seemingly impossible obstacles in your relationship and love life, opens your heart to receiving and accepting, feeling, trusting and giving love. He also guides you in healing your broken heart and in creating your own new love story that comes to live in your own reality.  I personally love Angus Mac Og, because I have heard his voice before I went to sleep. It was in another language, but I got the gist of what he was saying. I had called in Angus Mac Og, and another God and Goddess, and he was not happy. I recommend working with Angus Mac Og alone without any other dream guides.

Aphrodite’s Son, Anteros is the Greek God of requited (mutual) love and passionate unions. He was also the punisher of those who scorned love and the advances of others, or the avenger of unrequited love. He can help you uncover the true reasons why you do not allow yourself to be loved and then work with you on a regular basis to resolve your issues of choosing emotionally unavailable men or women.

Aphrodite’s Son, Eros is the God of passion and romantic and erotic love. Once when I brought Aphrodite into my meditation, EROS appeared. I did not know at the time who Eros was, so when I came out of my meditation, I searched the internet for details about him.

Roman God of desire, affection and erotic love and VENUS’S son (ROMAN GODDESS OF LOVE) and his father was MARS (GOD OF WAR). His Greek counterpart is Eros. CUPID is also known in Latin as AMOR (“Love”). The Amores (plural) are the equivalent of the Greek EROTES. I have programmed CUPID into my dreams, and he has shown me my emotional blocks to love, and he has given me some “ah ha” moments in the process.

Morphius is the Lord of Dreams, Prophetic Dreams, Soul Mate Dreams

Osiris is the Egyptian God of the underworld and the Afterlife. He was also known for granting all life. I have added Osiris to this list, because I have had great success in programming my dreams with him for visiting a past life while I am sleeping and dreaming.

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