Dream Gazing

Dream Gazing

 As a Juicy Dream Coach, I always advise my clients of the importance of dream journaling. After journaling your dreams for a while, you will began to receive powerful visions as you are journaling your dreams.  Do not disregard these visions. This is called Dream Gazing, and they can be just as powerful as your dreams.

I remember one time not too long ago, I programmed God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Ariel into my dreams. I woke up at 5:45am barely grasping my dream. I grabbed my phone to record my dream, but something profound happened. Instead of recording the dream, I suddenly began to do some dream gazing (dreaming while I am awake), and a profound vision was unraveling before me. The visions and messages were coming so quickly that I could hardly keep up with writing them down. 

I realized that I was being shown the secrets to the universe-the key.  I was taught or made to feel while growing up that I was selfish for wanting things, and that I could only receive small amounts. As I am channeling, I am being told that the universe has plenty to go around, and that I can receive as much as I want. I see the universe is wide open. My arms reach into the energy of the cloud representing the universe, and I see that my arms are full of receiving things from the universe. Things are flying out from the energy of the universe and coming to me at great speed. The universe is open to me and to EVERYONE. Source is unlimited, because there is no limit to what WE can receive from the universe. 

 I am then on top of a mountain. I see a black motorcycle on this mountain. The motorcycle is not mine, but it is there. I see the image of God or an Archangel (Michael perhaps) there at the top of the mountain. His eyes look like pools of water, and they are so clear. There is nothing but love in his eyes.  I am being blessed, and he puts his finger on my third eye. He is giving me the ability to be a seer. He has already given me my psychic gifts since birth, so I am more than blessed to be receiving more of his gifts. I am also being given wisdom and power. It feels like my past life blending into this life. The black motorcycle gives it away about also being in this life. I am afraid of motorcycles, and I do not ride them. The motorcycle represents power and freedom to me, but the motorcycle reminds me of the fear still inside of me waiting to be released.  I was born with a memory of a past life. In that past life, I abused my power, but I am no longer that person. God is giving me my power back.

When I finished channeling, I looked at the clock, and it was exactly right on the dot 3:00am in the morning-not 5:45am like I originally thought it was when I woke up.  I went back to bed for another actual dream journey.

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