The Needle And The Wood Dream

I incubated my dreams last night with God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.Archangel Michael  provides nourishment for our bodies and souls. He can heal us from emotional blocks and trauma from this lifetime and past lifetimes. Archangel Raphael is also a healing angel. He works with our minds, spirits, and bodies. I asked them to help me receive important messages in my dreams last night that would help me to move forward in my life.


I am around a lot of people. Someone gave me instructions on healing myself. I am supposed to use a tiny needle everyday; however, I have forgotten to use this tiny needle. I need to tell the person that instructed me to do this. I need to go back to the place where this person is. I call the place on the phone, and I am told that everyone is in a meeting, and not to come until the meeting is over. I am supposed to be there, since I am part of this group. I keep explaining that to the person on the phone. Someone else got on the phone. She told me to come, because everyone was just sitting around. When I got there, I was asked if I could come in the following morning, and remove wood from in front of the door. I am bothered by this, because I want to get my vacuum cleaner fixed in the morning. Since I do not remember if I removed the wood, I went back into my dream when I woke up, and I visualized myself removing the wood from in front of the door until it opened.


Currently, I am taking Liz Dawn’s 5 day Online Course, Mindset Detox Challenge. My focus is on removing blocks to being in a healthy relationship with a man, and so that I can open the door to a new soul mate relationship. I am currently single. I followed the first three days, but I have slacked a bit on the last 2 days. The needle represents healing. We use a needle to fix our clothing when it is torn. It also represents me slacking off. The wood represents my inner blockages that are blocking me from meeting my soul mate and having a healthy relationship with him. The funny thing is that I am planning to take my vacuum cleaner to be fixed this morning.

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