My Dream About Booking A Flight To Greece

My Dream About Booking A Flight To Rome

I was on the phone with a girlfriend of mine discussing about when is the best time to book my flight to Rome for a Greek cruise in May of 2023. I have American Airlines miles, and I want to go first or business class. My friend told me that I have to call the airlines to find out when their mile saver flights become available for my May 2023 flight. I was given a date, and I added it on my calendar.

I then programmed my dreams to visit Greece. In my dreams, I was trying to find a flight, so that I could go to some workshop in Greece. The problem was that I could not get a flight. It was May, but the workshop was in June. I tried all sorts of scenarios with American Airlines, but they were totally booked up. I knew that the next available date to book the flight was in August. I astral traveled to the workshop, and I watched all the people walking around from afar. I even liked a guy who happened to be attending that workshop.

My interpretation of this dream was that it was a precognitive dream, and that there is the distinct possibility that I might not be so lucky in getting a mile saver flight in June, and it looks like the best time to purchase the flight would be in August. I will try both. I looks like I successfully visited Greece by astral traveling in my dreams.

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