My Dream Journey- Santorini, Greece, The Triplets, And The Greek Goddesses.

Before I went to sleep about 7 nights ago, I incubated (programmed) my dream asking to be taken by the Angels to Santorini Greece, in my dreams. I have never been to Santorini, Greece, and I have a deep burning desire to go there. I wanted to experience being in Santorini in my dreams. In my creative visualizations over this past year, I imagined myself at the top of a hill or stairs with a white round building with a blue roof next to me. I am touching the white building with the blue roof, and I am feeling the stucko on the building. At the same time, I am looking down at the beautiful ocean. I feel so connected in my creative visualizations that I actually feel that I have been there before in another life, and I feel that the Goddesses are waiting for me.

All I remember in my dream were 3 identical triplets all in white late dresses who seemed so pure and young with flowers in their hair. They were all facing to the left. I was puzzled by this dream. At first, I thought it was the 3 parts of me; however, here it is 6 days later, and I suddenly had an awakening and an ah ha moment of what this dream meant.

The dream now to me are the Greek Triple Goddesses. They are in my dream, because I have called to them in my creative visualizations; however, I am only now realizing it.

The triple goddess are the 3 Greek moon goddesses: Artemis (the maiden), Selene (the mother) and Hecate (the crone). They are facing to the left. I did google the explanation, and here is what I got. The left is associated with something that has not been tried before or something different than what I normally would do.

Someday, I will go to Santorini……..

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