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Sharing Your Sacred Space

If you were to search online for “Sacred Space” what mostly comes up is finding our “Sacred Space” outside of ourselves-like out in nature or someplace special in one’s house or creating an altar, etc. Don’t get me wrong, all those are important for the nourishment of our soul; however, I am talking about our inner “Sacred Space” where our heart, soul, mind and spirit live and where our inner God lives.

Why would we want to share our “Sacred Space”? The reason is easy and simple. We want connection and intimacy. Without connection and intimacy, we feel “separate” and suffer a disconnection from the parts of ourselves that need love and intimacy. How can our hearts, minds, bodies and souls be nourished without “connection”. Without “connection”, we feel alone and empty. I learned early on that “feeling separate” was safer for me that feeling connection”. Oh boy, was I ever wrong! Whereas I believed my mother stole my identity as a child, I have more than lived up to the discovery of my uniqueness as a free spirited woman who has never wanted to be one of the crowd. 

Our “Sacred Space” is our whole inner being.  If our “Sacred Space”  has experienced violation and crossing of boundaries, then all aspects of our “Sacred Space” are affected and in adult years lead to fear of intimacy. As a child growing up, I chose “separation” instead of “connection” in order to feel safe. Of course, in choosing “separation”, it affected me in my adult life. It is very difficult to thrive in romantic relationships when you choose “separation”. I ended up attracting mirrors of myself who also have difficulties with commitment, connection or separation.

 Somehow I adopted the belief in childhood that I was not allowed to grieve the loss of my biological father who disappeared when I was very young. I felt like it was “taboo” in my family to speak about it. If I did show grief, I was made to feel like I was wrong to grieve his disappearance. My mother (RIP) invaded my “Sacred Space” in the way she controlled me. In order to protect myself, I didn’t allow myself to get close to anyone as a child. I isolated myself and didn’t allow myself to connect with my peers in school. As a result, I missed out on a lot of connections, friendships and fun growing up. I was too afraid to let my guard down and be vulnerable. I kept myself alone. As a child, I felt like I had no choice but to feel claustrophobic in my growing up years.

My mother remarried, and he adopted us (RIP). He was an awesome father, but I didn’t know it growing up. I didn’t allow myself to “connect” with him, and I kept myself “separate” from him at all times. I didn’t want him in our house. I felt he didn’t belong there and that he was in the way. I was angry every single day while I lived at home, because he was ALWAYS there. It was like I didn’t have a choice in who I shared my space with. He knew I felt that way, but he didn’t say anything until years later when he was going through some problems with his heart.  It was then that he said something to me.

In my adult years, I never wanted to remarry. I married early to get out of a childhood in which I felt trapped only to feel trapped in the marriage I got into. I knew that the minute I said “I DO” that I had made a horrible mistake. Once again I didn’t feel like I had choices in who I shared my space with, and I felt claustrophobic as a young adult stuck in a loveless marriage. Sharing my space meant that I had to experience being trapped all over again. As a love psychic medium, and juicy dream coach, I guide my clients through the highs and lows of love.

I have done a hell of a lot of healing and work on myself over the years, and I know that someday I will share my sacred space with a future soul mate. I have shared some beautiful experiences over the years of sharing my sacred space with men who I felt deeply connected to. It showed me that I am very, very ready to “connect” with another in a deep way.  Do not get me wrong, over the years that I have been single I have had a lot of fun, romance and intimacy, but not the kind of “sacred space” sharing that I have dearly needed to nourish my heart, mind, body and soul.   As a result, I certainly didn’t experience the love connections that I so deeply needed in my life to feel loved, wanted and cherished. God and my angels have always had a purpose for me, and that is to guide YOU in sharing your sacred space.

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