My Soul Mate Penis Dream

It has been awhile since I have posted a dream; however, after last night’s dream, I decided that it was time to post dreams again. I am currently taking a virtual dream workshop by Clare Johnson called “The Power Of Dreams: 30 day course, lucidity dream wisdom”. In her mini dream video yesterday, Clare Johnson talked about the Dreaming Mind, and how we can ask our dreaming mind to come into our dreams for messages, etc.

My intention for that night was not only to remember my dreams, but to meet my future soul mate in my dreams, someone who I would be in my next soul mate relationship with. I incubated my dreams last night with that intention. I woke up remembering a penis, and the penis was deep inside me. I do not remember who was attached to the penis, but I remember how good it felt inside me.

I also dreamed that I was on a bus with a lot of other people.

My dreaming mind gave me a message, which helped me to become familiar with my future soul mate’s penis. For that I am grateful. Yesterday, I booked a singles cruise in March on the Norwegian Encore, and I am sure that there will be a bus excursion in one of the ports. WOOHOO!