Direct Feelings Psychic Love Reading with Future, 200-250 Words

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This is a Direct Feelings Psychic Love Reading and Psychic Medium Reading With Future  of 200-250 words. 

I DO NOT need to know the story. All I need is his or her name and your name. That is it.  THE LESS I KNOW THE MORE ACCURATE YOUR READING WILL BE.

Are you looking for answers about the feelings of your current or former lover? Do you want to know if you will have a future together? If so, I provide spine-tingling psychic medium love readings that will warm your heart and add a twinkle to your soul. By providing me with the name of your lover or ex-lover.

I channel my information through my clairvoyant (the ability to see images) and clairsentient abilities (the ability channel someone’s feelings for you) what I like to call spirt tapping, aka automatic writing, spirit writing, spirit dictation. I call what I do spirit tapping, because the information flows through me as I am seeing sentences and words. The information that I receive is flowing through my fingers, and I am tapping out the words and sentences onto the keyboard.

If I were to do a pre recorded video reading or  zoom reading, you would see me tapping out the words and sentences.

I can channel the deepest and most intimate thoughts, feelings, and intentions that they have towards you. With my readings, you can get the answers you need to make the right decisions for your future. So don’t hesitate any longer, and purchase this psychic love reading  and psychic medium reading by email today.












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