Here's How To Know When Your Prayers Are Being Heard By The Archangels
Here's How To Know When Your Prayers Are Being Heard By The Archangels

Here’s How To Know When Your Prayers Are Being Heard By God, The Angels, The Archangels & Other Mythical Entities

Pink Chick Psychic praying to God, the angels, archangels, Fairies and more.

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This blog post is very dear to me, because it is about connecting with God, the Angels and the Archangels. I believe that God, the Angels and Archangels are with us AND within us every moment of everyday, and for that reason I do not feel alone. I feel their support, and it brings me a sense of peace.  I know within the very depths of my soul that they are there for me. I pray to God and specific Angels and Archangels everyday as much as I call them into my dreams for guidance, because I know how powerful my connection is with God and the angels and archangels can be.  They hear me, and I feel their love connection. I know that if I need a miracle it will be as if they part the seas for me. 

Some people see light (for example with Archangel Michael, it is a green light) that let’s them know that their Archangel is answering their prayers. For me, I get a tingling sensation all over my body when I pray to the Angels and Archangels, which means they hear me. When I get a deep sense of peace, I know that they are working on my prayers. That’s when I know my prayers will be answered.  You can ask for a sign from them, and you will receive the sign. You can receive your signs through a dream or while going through your day. 

Many many many years ago when rebirthing was all the rage (very early 80’s), I went to a group rebirthing class. We all laid on the floor with blankets and pillows, and we were guided in a breathing technique. The assistants  walked around the room, and I do not know how they knew to come to me.  She asked if I was ok, and I told her that I was afraid to go through the tunnel. She held my hand until I went through. Once I went through, I saw and felt God holding me and loving me. It was one of the most profound experiences that I have ever had, and I will never forget it. Afterwards, I cried for hours, because I felt God’s love. After that, I felt like I had a direct connection to God, and I still do. God would physically move things in order to get my attention. 

I feel blessed to know that the Angels and Archangels hear me and guide me as well.  I always ask God, Archanges Michael, and Raphael (along with my guardian angels and the gods and goddesses of protection)  to come with me when I fly on a plane.I also ask that if my life would be in danger, to not allow me on the plane. I  ask them as well to find me the perfect seat mate. I have met some really cool people sitting right next to me, and sometimes I have the whole row to myself. I ask Archangel to come with me in the car to protect me and my hot pink car while we are on the road. I feel safe. 

Not to long ago, I suddenly felt Archangel Raphael’s energy along with a heavy energy in my chest area. His presence was so strong from morning until night. He was there to remind me that he can help me in healing health issues. That day, I had a dentist appointment for deep cleaning, and I did wonder why he was with me so strongly even while I was sitting in the dentist’s chair. The next day, I had a horrible looking bruise on my face from the novacain and the work the dentist did. I prayed to Archangel Raphael  to clear up the bruise, and to show me what to use for the bruises. The bruise which was almost black disappeared within a few days. Bruises last forever with me. I pray to him everyday about my health issues as well. When I feel a deep sense of peace while praying, I know that I will be ok, and there is nothing to worry about.

A few weeks ago, I was leaving the clubhouse at Caliente Resort where I live, and  a jeep rammed into the back of my hot pink car so hard that it took off my bumper cover. Unfortunately, although he was coming into the Caliente Resort clubhouse, he turned around and left.  It was a hit and run. I was extremely upset. Security had to bring my bumper cover to my condo, and there it sat all weekend in my entry way until the collision place that I had taken my car to a few months before for repainting certain parts of my hot pink car opened on Monday morning. I thought that I would have to use my insurance, and I didn’t want my insurance to go up. I prayed all weekend long to Archangel Michael for help, so that it would be an easy job, that I would not have to rent a car, and  that I wouldn’t have to use my insurance. I felt a strong tingling sensation and a deep sense of peace, so I know that Archangel Michael had heard my prayers. I knew that it would work out.  Monday morning came, and AAA came and towed my car to the Collision place 1 1/2 blocks away. My prayers were answered, because they put it back on within ten minutes, and they didn’t even charge me. Oh the power of praying to God and the Archangels. I have many other stories. 

Oh, and let’s not forget that fairies do exist. I went through a phase about 10 years ago in which I was calling in the fairies. I bought plants and decorated my screened in patio for the fairies. I would sit out there for hours talking to the trees and the fairies asking if I could see them. One day, in the middle of the day, they came to me in white orbs circling me. I was so surprised that I cried. They trusted me. In the years since, I have stopped talking to the fairies, but that was a pretty memorable experience. Yes, they do exist. 

Mythical Gods & Goddesses do exist as well, and they are very real to me. In 2005, I went to Level 5 of a love, intimacy and sexuality workshop  through the Human Awareness Institute. While in that workshop, I felt Goddess energy within my heart, so strongly that I did not stop crying for days feeling Goddess love within my heart.  While feeling that Goddess love energy,  I wrote a book, which later became a kindle ebook on Amazon. You are most welcome to purchase it even though I have not done much promoting on it. Click here.

Here are a few of the  Archangels for prosperity and abundance that you can pray to and call into your dreams for dream incubation and programming: Ariel, Chamuel, Hamied, Sachiel, Haniel, Jeramial, Metatron, Michael, Raguel, Raziel, 

Click here to check out my Mystical Dream Portal for the Angels and Archangels  for praying and dream programming / incubation for love and romance, soul mates and more. 



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