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Tapping Into My Own Inner Creative Genius Through My Dreams

I’m tapping into my own inner creative genius, but my dreams lately have shown me that being a mastermind and a creative genius isn’t just about painting, composing or writing. It’s also about  manifesting my visions, goals and desires into reality. I have been doing a lot of creative visualization, and I am also manifesting through my dreams. 

The last few nights, I have had a divine plan. I have been doing some dream programming with  the powerful energies of Hephaestus, God of creativity for inspiration. I asked for a lightning strike of creative ideas and the secret sauce of inspiration. And while I was at it, I figured, why not unite my marketing mojo with my creative superpowers? I’m happy to report that my dreams have been quite inspirational and enlightening to say the least.  Now watch out for my unstoppable, creative marketing genius! I have had so many ideas, and I am excited to put them into fruition. 


I was summoned to the presence of a powerful lady who I consider to not only be a friend in real life, but  an incredible marketing genius. In the last year, I have had the pleasure of joining her travel team. In my dream, she had me take a prescription to the pharmacy to be filled. When I got to the pharmacist, he wanted me to take this prescription somewhere (not sure where), and I was trying to figure out if I should take a picture of the script or write it out. In the end , I took it to the place that I needed to take it.  I got lost finding my way back. When I returned, I walked into the room, and there were a few people sitting on beach chairs (including someone on the travel team). I went in search of a beach chair, but I returned to the room empty handed. The gentleman reappeared, and on the board, there was a trip to Greece. I was intrigued, and I asked him about it. He said that there were 11 people going  so far.  I want to go. 

My meaning of this dream is that the prescription was for being a creative/marketing genius, and I had it filled. LOVE IT! My dream is to go to Greece, and so that could be right around the corner for me. Number 11 in dreams can represent intuition, creativity, and inspiration The angel number 11 can also mean twin flame connection.  That makes sense since I have been doing a lot of creative visualization for a new love, prosperity, business success and travel. 


My other very significant and powerful dream blew my mind, and it caused me to have a lucid dream right in the middle of my dream. I feel so excited and blessed to have experienced this dream. In my dream, there were people going through walls. In my home, someone was trying to break through the wall. Suddenly, there is a man next to me. Our faces are close together. It feels so real. I look at him, and I say “I really like you”. He says “I love you”. I say “I’m scared”.

The meaning of this dream for me – At that moment, I started lucid dreaming, and I knew what this dream was about. I have had some walls up to getting into a new relationship, since I have been single for quite awhile.  In the middle of my dream “OHHHH I know what this means”. Then I woke up.  He got through my wall. Usually when I have a dream in which I make a connection to a man that feels so real, we end up meeting in real life. It then happens exactly as I dreamed it. It has been awhile since I have had a dream like this.  A soul mate (or perhaps twin flame) is on his way. When he arrives, I will be ready. 

Wouldn’t ya know it, Pink Chick Psychic, The Queen of Romance (me), is single. No worries. I have the powerful ability to channel soul stirring psychic love readings for my clients’ love lives to give them insight into their love future. 



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