My Dream Journey 9/20/20 – I Am So Excited That I Am In London

Programming my dreams with the Magician from Radleigh Valentine’s Archangel Tarot Deck.

UPDATE: I have since discovered that there is a shopping center in London called Angel, London, and there are lingerie shops there. From what I understand Victoria Secret Angel Lingerie collection in London. It is called The Angel Suite. I cannot wait to see what unfolds.

I called in my dream partners, The Magician and The Star from Radleigh Valentine’s Archangel Power Tower Card Deck for my exciting dream journey to guide me to my future soul mate.

In my dream, I met a guy from London. All of a sudden, and out of the blue, I went to London. Someone asked me if I knew the number of the guy that I met who lives in London. I said that I had no way to contacting him. Suddenly, I am standing next to this male figure. I felt something poking inside my sleeve. I took off my sweater, and what was poking me was a tag that said “Angel Lingerie”. I said “How did you do that”? I was so excited that I was in London that I kept saying over and over again “Oh My God!, I can’t believe that I’m in London. I haven’t been there since I was 24”. I was so happy and excited in the dream.


Wow! I am thinking that I am either going to meet a guy from London or I will meet someone in is true that I have not been to London since I was 24 years old. A friend is telling me that I need to go to London. I do have a cruise planned next year with a deposit, but it is not going out of London. The Magician definitely showed up in my dream, and I feel like he is getting me ready for a romantic and intimate relationship with someone. I am excited.

Time will tell….


I am now Certified As An Angel Tarot Card Reader by Radleigh Valentine