Call Cupid Into Your dreams

As a juicy dream coach and love psychic, I teach my clients how to incubate their dreams with the various mystical creatures of the universe. When you incubate your dreams with Cupid asking him to help you meet your dream lover on the astral plane while you sleep. You will be surprised by the amazing dreams that you have.

Step 1 – Crawl into bed, close your eyes, and say “Hey Cupid please come into my dreams tonight, and introduce me to my dream lover on the Astral Plane tonight in the most surprising ways that I will clearly and vividly recognize through the dreams and messages that I receive from you tonight”.

Step 2 – Believe in the power of Spirit and the different mythical creatures of the universe. They exist, and they are here for you.

Step 2 – Allow yourself to fall into a deep sleep.

Step 3 – When you awaken, immediate write down every detail of your dreams.

Step 4 – Do these steps every night until you see results.