My Pink Poodle Love Stories Dream

I asked Archangel Ariel and my guardian angels, Jonathan and Joseph, to guide me in my love life, and to give me the strength, power and courage to overcome the blocks that are preventing me from being in a successful and healthy soul mate relationship.

In my dream, I am rewriting and updating my love story ebooks. I am making them more personal. The first one is about a woman with 3.5 kids. The second book that I am rewriting is about a single woman with a pink poodle. I am rushing to get all of my love story ebooks done, but then I realize that I do not have as much time as I thought. I have to go to work by 1:00. I then look at the clock, and it is exactly 1pm on the dot, and I am now late for work. I decide that I will do one story at a time, and do the others later. I have to call my boss, Jackie, to let her know that I will be late.


I have been a very successful professional love psychic medium since 1985. For a time I was also called the psychic matchmaker. I successfully introduced singles to each other while overlooking my need for love. My own love life has not been successful. I have This dream is about rewriting my own personal love stories. Yes, it is true that I am updating my soul mate ebook series for real, and that they are now for sale on my website, and not just Amazon. Archangel Ariel watches over animals, which is why the pink poodle was in my dream. The color pink means that it is all about love BABY! I feel that in order for me to find the love of my life that it has to happen quickly, since I am now 71 years old, which represents being late. Seeing the clock saying 1:00 shows that there is a new beginning for me in love.

Thank you Archangel Ariel and my guardian angels Joseph and Jonathan, for showing me your presence while I am awake and in my dreams. I am ever so grateful to you.

Sweet Dreams Everyone!