Goddess Oshun And The Sensual Seduction Of Money Reiki Attunement
Goddess Oshun And The Sensual Seduction Of Money Reiki Attunement

The Sensual Seduction Of Money

I am a Usui Reiki Master.  I channel Reiki healing systems and then I put together a manual. I then send the chi ball (energy ball) to my client who purchases it. They can then call in my Reiki healing systems anytime they want.

I originally channelled the Sensual Seduction Of Money Reiki Attunement in 2010. I have revamped and revised the manual and the energies of this Reiki healing system attunement and the manual to the 2023 edition. This Reiki healing system and attunement can be used to heal yourself through the Reiki energies, or you can even use this healing system for dreaming programming.


Last night, I did some dream programming by calling in The Sensual Seduction Of Money Reiki Attunement along with Goddess Oshun  into my night time dreams for helping me connect with the sensual energy of  money to attract the energy of money. I dreamed very early in the morning that my mother (RIP) and I were in an open air party bus. She was driving it, but she decided to get out on the side of the road and go to the store. She left me in the party bus. At first, I was in the back unseen and unnoticed. I then decided that I needed to get into the front of the bus. Suddenly I felt seen, exposed, vulnerable and a little unsafe. The door was wide open, and I was trying to close the door, but the door wouldn’t close. That’s very interesting because most of my dreams, in fact, all of my dreams, I always end up closing the door. I know that always shutting the door in my dreams means that I am not accepting what I am wanting to accomplish.  Well there I am feeling very vulnerable and very exposed. All of a sudden two little kids got on the party bus to eat their lunch. I told them that they couldn’t be on this bus, because it wasn’t open to the public; however, they didn’t listen or did they didn’t want to hear me. Pretty soon lots of people were getting on the bus I was thinking about my mother, and that she be very upset and angry that I exposed the bus to all these people.


I feel like the sensual, energy within me attracted all these people to me. Even though I attempted to, I couldn’t close the party bus door and it remained wide open, I feel like these people represented energy and money. The two little kids to me presented me as a child, and my inner child saying “you can’t have it all”. The kids ignored me, which I was very grateful for when I woke up. They didn’t listen to my inner child, which was saying “you can’t do this”. Parts of me have always wanted to stay hidden and unnoticed due to a childhood in which I felt like I was being suppressed. I also felt like  my parents had great expectations of me, and I could never meet their expectations. It put a huge amount of pressure on me to be perfect and to “perform”.  The other part of me loves to be noticed, since I love wearing pink everyday, and I drive around in a hot pink car. I am so very grateful that I finally left the door wide upon to money, love and whatever comes my way.

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 by Natasha
Sensual Seduction of Money Reiki attunement

I received attunement to the Sensual Seduction of Money Reiki system by Linda in June. Even though it was a little bit delayed, as Linda was in the process of updating the attunement and the energies, she communicated with grace and was very understanding. I definitely appreciated that she wanted to be in integrity and offer the most updated energies to me, and tried my best to be patient as I was so excited to receive it.

In terms of the attunement itself, when I called it in, I definitely experienced a very strong energetic attunement to the system - parts of my energy system got very hot (if you've ever been attuned to energy, you likely know what I mean), and I was very impressed with the experience. I also think it's a nice touch to receive the energy reading for the money area of your life along with it. I am still working with the energy and learning how to incorporate it, especially in dreams because that is new for me. I have noticed it is helping me purge and become conscious of a lot of survival fears that weren't immediately on the surface for me, and I do have a little bit of extra money coming in by surprise so far. I plan on continuing to work with it regularly.

All I can say is thank you Linda Kaye! I appreciate it.

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