Psychic Readings Via Phone Or Zoom – 90 Minutes (total)

Psychic Readings. 90 minute psychic readings. Readings delivered by phone or Zoom.



IMPORTANT PLEASE READ – I only do 15 minutes readings at this time. You prepay for 90 minutes, you will receive six 15 minute readings with a $30 discount. 

A psychic reading via telephone or Zoom. Get a reading today and find out why people call the Pink Chick Psychic! Accurate, intuitive psychic readings that will amaze! Get the insight you’re seeking! If you are concerned about your pets, or trying to understand your current situation, if you are seeking your soulmate or deciding whether to stay where you are, Pink Chick Psychic can help you clarify the hints life has been giving you. Experienced, reputable and accurate psychic readings.



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