114 Attract Love Affirmations, Find Love Affirmations, Allow Love Affirmations, Accept Love Affirmations 

Repeat the love affirmation of your choice 1/2 to 1 hour a day over and over again out loud out loud.

1.   I deserve  to be happy and loved.

2.   Perfect magical love Perfect magical love is happening between ___ and me right now.

3.    My magnetic sexy love vibration makes me irresistible to the perfect soul mate for me.

4.    Beautiful magical moments of perfect love are happening for me in my life right now.

5.    God’s loving mood stimulators are working through me now in creating the perfect romantic evenings with the perfect soul man for me.

6.    Romantic sensual moments and feelings are happening between my perfect soul mate and and me.

7.    Loving energy penetrates every aspect of my life.

8.    I can see and feel the beautiful loving energy that is inside of me now..

9.    I deserve all the love that I have in my life.

10.   My heart is wide open to receiving love openly and freely.

11.    I feel so loved and wanted by my soul mate.

12.   God is raising my love frequencies to match with my soul mate’s love frequencies.

13.   I see love in everything and everyons

14.   I allow love to flow freely into my life.

15.   My heart is always open, and I radiate pure love.

16.   Love is flowing freely into my life, and I accept this love without question.

17.   My bedroom radiates with the energy of love and romance .

18.   Absolutely no doubt about it,  I 100% deserve love & sexual pleasure. Oh Yeah!

19.   Opportunities for love are abundant in my life.

20.   Loving syncronicities take place in my life all the time.

21.    I am loved by the most incredible man/woman in the universe. (let the universe find you deep love)

22.   I love myself no matter what.

23.   I am attracting perfect love to me now..

24.   I am ready for new love.

30.   Love flows to be in avalanches of abundance.

31.    My life flows in a river of deep love.

32.    My heart is open to giving and receiving love.

33.    Loving and being loved feels wonderful.

34.    My beautiful sexy soul expresses through me in wonderfully exciting ways.

35.    Divine Love expresses through me in wonderful magical ways.
Perfect sexy beautiful romantic love is happening in my life right now.

36.    Romantic love surrounds and envelopes my relationship with ____

37.    I am a sexy and irresistible romance magnet.

38.    Wonderful magical and profound miracles are happening in my romantic life right now.

39.    I am thankful for all the love that I am able to give and receive

40.   I am thankful for all the love is in my life.

41.    I am worthy of being loved.

42.   I am loveable.

43.   I am focused on love and beauty.

44.  I am divinely drunk with the energy of love.

45.   I am irresistible to my soul mate.

46.   I am loved.

47.   I am loved by the most incredible man/woman in the universe. (let the universe find you deep love)

48.   I am emotionally available.

49.   I am the perfect partner for my perfect partner 

50.   I am the perfect soul mate for my soul mate.

51.    I am attracting love, sex and romance into my life in the most unexpected and magical ways.

52.   I am attracting perfect love into my life in the post unexpected and magical ways.

53.    I am a love magnet.

54.    I am attracting handsome single and available men to me all the time.

55.     I am attracting beautiful single and available women to me all the time.

56.    I am surrounded by the Angels of Love and passion.

57.    I am experiencing an abundance of love and passion in my life.


58.   I am the most eligible and irresistible bachelor (or bachelorette) on the planet.

59.   I am already connected to my future soul mate & he is swiftly approaching.

60.   I am sexy, and I know it.

61.    I AM filled with pure divine sexy love.

62.    I am divinely sensual

63.    I am loved, wanted and adored by _______.

64.    I am experiencing a forever love between ____ and me.

65.    I am an unlimited magnificent being that deserves to be loved.

66.   I am a magnificent beautiful soul that deserves to be loved.

67.   I am willing to receive all of the love that is coming to me now.

68.   I am willing to receive a man who really loves me.

69.   I am already connected deeply to my life partner, and I receive that partner now.

70.   I am a sexy force to be reconed with.

71.    I am unforgettable.

72.   I am feeling super gorgeous.

73.   I am in love with my beautiful sexy hips.

74.   I am open to love, and I receive my beloved now

75.   I am a great catch.

76.   I am the Queen Of Hearts & my King Of Hearts is on his way.

77.   I am the King of Hearts & my Queen of Hearts is on her way.

78.   I am feeling emotionally & sexually alive.

79.   I am a sensual seductress.

80.   I am a super sexy heart throb

81.   I am a love finder. (as opposed to a fault finder)

82.   I am now attracting emotionally available men (or women) into my life.

83.   I am capable of deep love. 

84.   I am an open channel for love

85.   I am overflowing with infinite love.

86.   I am opening my heart, mind, body and soul to love.

 87.   I am raising my love condition.

88.    I am feeling love flowing through my heart.

 89.   I am experiencing love in every aspect of my life.

90     I am the love of my life.

91.     I am worthy of being loved.

 92.    I am feeling worthy of being loved.

  93.   I am experiencing divinely sensual and sexually amazing days.

  94.   I am ready for a dreamy romantic adventure.

 95.    I am in the most extraordinary relationship with the most    extraordinary man/woman.

 96.    I am a sex kitten. MEOW

  97.   I am beautiful (or handsome) in the eyes of my beloved.

 98.    I am ready for the love of my life to be in my life.

  99.   I am easy to love.

  100.  I am ready for a new beginning in love.

  101.   I am married to my best friend.

  102.  I am fearless in my quest for love.

  103.  I am committed to being in an extraordinary relationship with the love of my life by__________. (state the date you expect this to happen by).

 104.   I am a beautiful sexy force to be reckoned with.

  105.  I am willing to release my fears about being in a committed relationship.

  106.  I am touched by love every second of everyday.

 107.   I am experiencing miracles in my love life right now.

 108.   I am connected to everything and everybody.

  109.  I am feeling connected to my heart.

  110.  I am in love.

  111.   I am lucky in love. 

  112.  The Angels Of Love are guiding me into the arms of my beloved. 

 113.   The Spirit Of Love knows my soul mate, and I am being guided to him/her.

114. I am attracting love and wealth into my life in the most amazing ways.