Kissing Affirmation


via GIPH

Are you ready? Pucker up! Kissing is a very important of foreplay and romance. Since it depends on the sexual chemistry between two people, there is no right or wrong way to kiss. Here are some  great kissing kissing affirmations to help you achieve greater intimacy and closeness in your relationship(s). Kissing can help you feel sexually and emotionally alive. It is also an excellent way of connecting on a deeper level.


The divine sexy spirit within me is vibrating through me now in reawakening the divine sexy kisser within me
(or within my lover). 
The divine sexy spirit within me is vibrating through me now in creating perfect erotic sensual kisses between ____ and me.

I have perfect kissable lips.

Ooooh La La!!! I found his or her sexy kissing lips.

Oooh La LA!!! I have very sexy kissable lips.

I am the perfect kisser.

My kisses drive men (or women) wild with desire.

No man (or woman) can resist my sexy kissing lips.

I am the hottest kisser on the planet.

I am a divinely sexy kisser with divinely sexy kissing lips.

God’s kisses are working through me now in creating greater love, passion, intimacy and joy in my life.

 God’s kisses are flowing within me and around me, I am feeling loved.

My French Kisses melt women or men into orgasmic bliss.

 God is kissing the relationship between ___ and me.

Deep time stand still soul to soul kisses are happening between ___ and me right now.

 I am a sexy kissing machine.

 The divine sexy spirit vibrating through me now is reawakening the sexy kisser with me (or within my lover).

 I have perfection kissable lips.

 God is kissing my marriage.

 I am perfectly and divinely kissable.

 My kisses leave men (or women) vibrating with excitement, passion and joy.

 Thank you God for your kisses are healing my heart, mind, body and soul.

My kisses drive men (or women) wild with desire.