My Soul Mate

I wrote my vision of what I wanted my Soul Mate to feel like after joining the online Celebrate Your Life Soulfest Event, and watching Sunny Dawn Johnston interview Arielle Ford about what a soul mate is. When we connect with a soul mate, it is a feeling we get when we are with him or her. Once I wrote about what my soul mate feels like, I put it under my pillow, so I can dream about him tonight..

My Soul Mate is open, willing, committed and available for a long term life partner and living together relationship.

My Soul Mate is financially responsible.

My Soul Mate makes me feel like I am the most important woman in his life.

When I am with my Soul Mate, I feel like I am falling in love with myself over and over again. I no longer feel critical and judgemental of myself, and I feel full of joy and happiness.

In his eyes, I am perfection, and I feel it when he looks at me and through his eyes. I see his soul, and his soul is so handsome.

I feel loved, wanted, appreciated and desired by my Soul Mate. He pampers me in the most beautiful heart filled ways. He pampers me with his touch, his heart, his soul, his mind, his body and his words. He has “touched” and “pampered” so beautifully that I pamper him in the same way. He massages me in the most sensual, beautiful and loving ways, and I respond in the same way. We pamper each other with our souls, because we know…we know how to we want to be loved and touched.

When we make love, we let down our guard, and we let our souls take over. Then we blend into one soul, and we become one. I love how he kisses me, and how he lets our souls blend into one another when we kiss. It is so profoundly magical. I feel so loved and wanted by his touch, his kisses, and the way he makes love to me, and so I respond to him in that magical soul filled way.

My Soul Mate makes me laugh a lot, and I love that. At the same time, he is capable of having deep beautiful conversations with me.

My Soul Mate loves the nudist lifestyle.

My Soul Mate makes me feel like I am worthy of him spending money on me whether we go for the Drive Thu or if we go to a fancy restaurant.

My Soul Mate is loving and affectionate with me in private moments, and he is also loving and affection with me in public.

My Soul Mate makes me feel so happy and contented with him no matter what we do.

My Soul Mate does not smoke, and he does not have any pets.