Linda rocks! She is the real deal; a true lightworker with genuine (and AMAZING!) clairsentient abilities. I first found out about her when I purchased the Kindle book to gain insight on my experiences with telepathic energy exchanges I was having with a woman I had met and dated earlier this year that became my girlfriend. The heavy sensations in my heart chakra that seemingly come out of nowhere as Linda describes when a person thinks of or is missing you, was a confirmation that awakened me to my own psychic power. I had a phone reading with her during summer of 2018 to gain some much needed clarity on the relationship which had been fraught with push-pull dynamics. Not only did she confirm a soul connection, Linda was able to tap in with beautiful and spine-tingling insights to my girlfriend’s state of mind, fears/insecurities, and that she had very strong feelings for me. Linda has the ability to channel individuals and their vernacular so accurately that you get the messages you NEED to hear. Her readings resonate on a soul level because she truly is connected to source. I consider her a trusted spiritual advisor that I will return to for future readings to help me on my soul journey in this lifetime.