I have used Ms Linda’s services for quite some time. I have had the pleasure of having email readings to reiki healings! She has even answered my questions while she is on vacation. She has read the good and the bad in my relationship. She will not sugar coat your readings, she will tell you exactly how she sees it! I have had a reiki healing as well and felt great and energized from it! I know I’m due for another reiki healing session soon and I will definitely be back to Ms Linda. I trust her because she knew things about me and my husband  that I never told anyone and you can’t look it up on Facebook or instagram or any website! She is truly gifted, amazing, and awesome and I will recommend her to anyone looking for a great reading! You will definitely be amazed by her! Stop reading all these testimonies and purchase a reading for yourself! You will not be disappointed! Thank you, 2/17/18