Archangel Chamuel Juicy Love Healing Reiki Attunement + Love Psychic Reading

Archangel Chamuel will help you to find love. Powerful Reiki Healing System that comes with a chi ball, a mnual and a psychic reading.



VACATION OFFER – 20% Off June 24-30, 2024. To be completed when I return from my cruise. Includes a 200-250 word psychic love reading.

MUST USE PASSWORD “Archangels” when checking out to receive the 20% Discount and your free 200-250 word psychic love reading.


The Archangel Chamuel Juicy Love Healing Reiki Attunement is not for resale, and is for your own personal use only.

YOU will receive your Reiki Healing attunement by chi ball with the manual.

Archangel Chamuel is known as the Archangel of love. He will assist you in seeking a new juicy soul mate or if you want to improve an already existing soul mate relationship. If you do not think you are worthy  or lovable, Archangel Chamuel is excellent at clearing your negative emotions and feelings of not being worthy as well.  He will help to raise your love frequency if asked to do so, so that you can connect with a soul mate who is emotionally available. . If you are missing components in your relationship that are keeping the relationship from being fulfilling, he will help you in discovering what those missing components are. He will then show you your next step in healing your relationship. Have you lost your engagement or wedding ring, he can help you find it.

Here are the  3 ways that you can connect with Archangel Chamuel, and ask for his help.

You can pray to him, and he will come to you as fast as the speed of light. He will listen, and he will  guide you. He will answer your prayers in the most wonderful and unexpected ways.

2. For this Reiki healing system, you can call in the chi ball that I sent to you and meditate with Archangel Chamuel. Once you are attuned, you can call in Archangel Chamuel as often as you want.

3. Dream Incubation – Dream Incubation is when you program a dream guide into your dreams for healing work. In this case, your dream guide can be Archangel Chamuel Instructions on how to do dream incubation with Archangel Chamuel are in my PDF manual that you will receive after you purchase this attunement through paypal. 

The Archangel Chamuel Juicy Love Healing Attunement comes with a psychic reading by email.


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