Goddess Kurukulla Reiki Attunement

Wealth, Success, Sexual Desires



Radiant Power of Goddess Kurukulla Reiki Attunement
I am the founder – Created 12/27/11

The Radiant Power Of Goddess Kurukulla Reiki Attunement counts as 3 attunements in packages

Your attunement will be chi balled to you along with the manual and a MYSTERY PSYCHIC READING (NO QUESTIONS).

RESELLERS – You cannot  sell this attunement on ebay or etsy EVER.

Goddess Kurukulla (aka Goddess Red Tara) is a spirit of love, beauty, wealth and desire. She is famous for her sponsorship of spells and rituals of domination and control. She is also known for taming ad controlling the spirit world. She can help you to live in your own power and to gain control of your life. Sexual fulfillment is also included for those who invoke her..




Fullfillmentand achievement of all your dreams & desires


Gives you a Powerful Presence

Helps you to gain control over your life

Helps in building new enterpris

Removes obstacles to success

Fullfillment of Sexual Desires

Provides protection against malicious spirits and all harm

And so much more…..



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