I am saying YES to Prosperity Attunement

Say YES to Prosperity today!



I am saying YES to Prosperity Attunement – Brand New – I am the founder – Incl. follow up psychic reading

REIKI MASTERS AND RESELLERS: This attunement cannot be resold or included in packages until 8/23/10 . It will be counted as 3 attunements in packages . Please do not trade my attunements. Please make sure this attunement is purchased.

This attunement is included in buy 1 get 1 free, but it MUST BE the attunement you pay for until 8/23. After that, it can be your freebie choice.

A follow up psychic reading will be sent after your attunement. You will receive a 21 page manual after you have made your paypal payment. Please send your picture and whether or not you want it chi balled or by appointment to pinklady420@aol.com.

The I AM SAYING YES TO PROSPERITY REIKI ATTUNEMENT has 5 very important intentions for this attunement.

Root Chakra Balancing
Increasing Income
Financial Security
Material Gain



Balanced Root Chakra
Feeling Grounded
Living in the present
Financial Security
Material Gain
Increase Income
Increase in sales
Live your dream
Feeling safe, Loved and Protected By God
Feeling Blessed
Develop a prosperity consciousness
Ability to access the universe for what you need and desire.
Peace of mind
Improvement in health
And so much more…


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