Illumination Of God’s Wealth Reiki Attunement And Money Psychic Reading

Money, Financial Freedom, Success, Notieriety +



Illumination of God’s Wealth Reiki Attunement –  I am the founder – Incl free  MYSTERY MONEY & SUCCESS PSYCHIC READING  (No questions) + manual + chi ball.

The PDF Manual for this attunement is an instant download. You will receive your chi ball and psychic reading within 24-48 hours of purchase. Please keep in mind that I do not work on Sundays. Also, please check the top homepage sliding banner to see if I am on vacation or not.

The Illumination of God’s Wealth Reiki Attunement is based on an affirmation I received years ago from one of Tony Robbin’s Wealth Tapes, and the affirmation has always worked for me. The affirmation and how it works is included in the manual. November 2013, I attended Tony Robbins’UPW NY. UPW is powerful and life changingNY and. December 10-15, 2014 Tony Robbins’ Date With Destiny in Boca Raton Going to Date With Destiny will be life changing for me. I KNOW!

When a person has open money channels, money flows to you easily and effortlessly without limitations and in avalanches of abundance. When it is your intention to open up these money channels, God illuminates these money channels for you and assists you in clearing up your negative beliefs about money; and, therefore, removing your poverty mindset. It is not God’s will for people to have a poverty consciousness.



Money Freedom

Financial Security

Real Estate Success

Success in Business Ventures


Raise your life condition

Raise your money condition

Raise your income level

Peace of Mind

Feel Blessed


Expanding your true money potential

Creative Mind

Doors & Windows of Opportunity Open For you

New Car


And so much more…….


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