My Inner Love Story Dream Lovers Reiki Attunement + Free Mystery Love Psychic Reading

Romantic happiness, true love, reignite passion, find your dream lover (soul mate)




I AM THE FOUNDER OF MY INNER LOVE STORY DREAM LOVERS ATTUNEMENT. IT WAS ORIGINALLY CREATED IN DECEMBER OF 2010, but it was revamped and updated in March of 2021. This attunement is NOT for resale. It is for your own personal use only.

Once you have made your payment through paypal, you will receive the manual in an automatic download. Within 24-48 hours of purchase, you will receive your chi ball and  free mystery love psychic reading.  I do not work on Sundays. Also, please check the top sliding banner on the home page to see if I am on vacation or not. I have one planned for October 30-November 8, 2021.


Ability to maintain healthy long term relationships

Releasing past relationships and past emotional baggage

Freedom from negative love patterns

Freedom from guilt, sadness, grief, anger, etc.

Tear down your love blockade

Ability to receive & accept love, give love, feel love, trust love and experience love.

Release your fear of commitment

Forgive the past (including past relationships and your parents)

Ability to live in the present

Ability to experience joy

And so much more….

You can also call in the Archangels of Love to help you with this Reiki Attunement, and you can also call the Archangels of Love into your dreams with this attunement.





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