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Creating A New Soul Mate Relationship For Myself

Today, I revamped my personal ad for a couple of online dating sites that I am on now that I am  unattached again. I have not given up on love; and as a matter of fact, I am looking forward to my next  mutually connected soul mate relationship that I know from within the depths of my soul I can manifest.  I also know that God wants me to feel “connection” in a relationship which I denied myself for so long; otherwise, he would not have wanted me to experience the beautiful soul filled connection that I had with this last man I was with. Now it’s time for epic love. Epic love is my goal now that I know that I am allowing myself to mutually connect emotionally, spiritually and sexually with someone. I am so grateful for the loving supportive friends who are getting me through this. Although there might be a short healing time for me to go through, since we ended so abruptly, I am looking forward to the future.  

I have an affirmation that I absolutely love that works to manifest a soul mate relationship.. Repeat it out loud over and over again 1/2 -1 hour a day everyday. Do not skip a day. It works if you work it. “I DECLARE DIVINE ORDER IN MY LOVE, SEX & ROMANTIC LIFE”. I have already started repeating this affirmation again. Now see below for my personal ad and my declaration to God.

Dear God. Please help me to find my next soul mate relationship. He lives in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas, and he is not your “Average Joe”, as I am not your “Average Josephine” (so to speak). We both have authentic open and social personalities that make us stand out in a crowd in the most positive ways. He is authentic EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE, open to commitment, caucasian, 60-65. He loves PDA- cuddling, affection, kissing & holding hands. Age doesn’t stand in his way of him still being available on every level for being in a deep loving intimate and connected relationship where Tantra is explored and incorporated into our  relationship.  He must have a fabulous personality to match my fabulous pink personality :-). We both love the wholesomeness of the nudist lifestyle. We both love going on nude and clothing optional vacations and cruises, adult exotic resorts and regular clothed vacations. WE ARE A MONOGAMOUS COUPLE.  We are both involved in each other’s worlds. We are both into our personal and spiritual growth, and we both believe in the Law Of Attraction.  Thank you God for not sending me a newly separated or divorced man or anyone that is still hung up on an ex; and if by any chance you think a particular newly divorced man is good for me, please make sure he has already had his rebound relationship. Please also make sure that he is ready for something authentic. Please don’t send me anyone who smokes or drinks heavily As you know, I rarely drink and I have never smoked. ABSOLUTELY NO PETS PLEASE. I am ready. Thank you God for answering my prayers. You’re awesome!

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