Freedom Of Expression Dream

Dear  God, Archangel Sachiel and Archangel Chamuel. Please come into my dreams tonight, and assist me in reprogramming my subconscious mind, so that I can unblock the flow of prosperity to me. Please help me  to get in sync with the Divine flow of abundance, and help me to feel worthy and deserving of God’s wealth.


I couldn’t be myself around some friends of mine, because they were very restricted on what they were allowed to do. It felt like they were from a communist country.  It affected me, because I felt restricted; and I was totally holding back. I could not enjoy my freedom of expression.


It felt like I was allowing others to dictate to me what I could or could not do. It reminds me of my father who was in a labor/prison camp doing the war in Czechoslovakia. My mother was from India. They were very poor there. They lived live very restricted in their enjoyment, and they limited their freedom of expression. I feel guilty spending money and feeling freedom of expression. I do spend money, and I feel guilty and angry at myself. I felt very limited as a child, and I feel like they limited my freedom of expression. I spend money and limit myself financially out of both guilt and anger, because I feel like my parents restricted me. 

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