Feeling Rejected And Embarrassed Dream

Dear God and Archangel Raphael. Please work with me in my dreams tonight in clearing me of any mental blocks that I am still holding on to, so that I can be a clear and perfect channel for attracting wealth, abundance and lasting love relationship and for using my creativity in making earrings.


I really liked this guy, and we had a great connection. I show up somewhere expecting to be with him, but he is holding hands with another girl. I was so embarrassed. Next thing I know, I hear that he is not with her anymore. I get on the bus, and he is either driving the bus or in the front of the bus, so I go to the back of the bus to avoid him. I am ashamed and embarrassed.

I am in a hotel or cabin, and I am about to go to the bathroom, but these other girls show up, and they are staying there too. I tell them that they have to make sure that when I go to the bathroom that the front door is locked.


This dream showed me that my mental block is that I am not feeling good enough to be loved and to be prosperous, and that I do not value myself. My self worth is very low. I am filled with shame from all the rejection I have experienced over the years; like something is wrong with me. It looks like I still want to keep the door closed. I wish I could lucid dream to change it.

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