The Two Men Shirts & Two Pink Purses Hanging In My Closet

Dear God, Archangel  Ariel and Archangel Jeremiel. Tonight in my dreams, please guide me and work with me in setting my intention to make a paradigm shift into feeling and believing that I am worthy and deserving of great financial wealth and beautiful long lasting relationship. I am also setting my intention to lucid dream tonight, so that I feel more deserving and worthy of attracting greater financial wealth and a loving relationship to me. Help me to master a life of allowing.


I was in my house, and Jules was there as well. I was trying to show her the earrings I was making, but she kept getting side tracked. I couldn’t figure out why my bedspread kept disappearing from my bed. It kept sliding off the bed when I wasn’t looking.  Jules said her bedspread does that too. I didn’t realize that I had another closet. There wasn’t much in there except for a couple of mens shirts and two pink purses hanging on hangers.


The almost empty closet except to two mens shirts and two pink purses hanging up is showing me that I am making room for a man in my life, and the two pink purses are showing me that I am also making room for more money to come to me. I am allowing and creating the space for more love and money to come to me.

As for the bedspread disappearing off the bed, perhaps spirit is trying to get my attention. The bedspread disappearing off the bed could be a symbol of not needing emotional or sexual protection anymore.  I have been covering myself up to protect myself. I am pulling the covers off me.

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