How To Create The Garden Of Eve Within You


Each and everyone of us has our own inner Garden Of Eve where we can go for peace, serenity, romantic love, intimacy, joy and more. Through this attunement, you can find your own special Garden Of Eve within to find love, to feel connect in and to play in. Everyone’s journey is different.

For me, meditating with the energies of the Garden of Eden gives me a great sense of peace. I feel heart connected, centered and balanced and full of beautiful emotion and love. I absolutely love the feeling of being in MY Garden Of Eve. If I want a beautiful sensual and erotic dream, I call in the Energies of The Garden Of Eve and Lalla Haoua).

The Arabic Version Of Lady Eve (of Adam and Eve) is known as Lalla Haoua (Madame Love). In North American folk traditions, Lalla Haoua is venerated as the Spirit Of Love.

How many times have YOU been in love? Hopefully, you have experienced the beautiful feeling of being in love.  I have been in love twice; and, for me, it is as if air is flowing through my heart.

When you walk into the Garden Of Eve, just ask; and you will receive. Remember, all it takes is YOUR intention to create the love and everything you . desire. When you go into your Garden Of Eve, don’t hesitate to ask for what you want. YOU can create YOUR Garden Of Eve as you desire it to be. There is no right or wrong when meditating with the energies of the Garden of Eve.

Find Your Soul Mate

Romantic Happiness

Finding True Love

Reigniting Passion

For Feeling Loved, Wanted And Desired



Erotic Pleasures

Feel Heart Connected

Become More Emotionally Available

Become More Sexually Available








Becoming One With Nature

Feeling More God Connected



Feeling Centered And Balanced

Requited Love

And So Much More…..

To meditate with the Garden of Eve energies, find a quiet place where you have at least 20 to 60 minutes of interrupted quiet time. If you wish, set up a sensual bubble bath with lavendar scents. Close your eyes and ask for Lady Eve to enter into your space. Set your intention, and then just let the energy flow. She is ready for you.

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