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Sexual Telepathy Sending Sexual & Emotional Thoughts To A Lover, Ex Lover, Soul Mate, Twin Flame


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Try this special method of connecting to your soul mate or twin flame or lover or lost love.

Sending Sexual and Emotional thoughts (telepathic messages) to a lover, soul mate, twin flame, lost love, etc. is a very essential and important topic that needs to be addressed. If you are single, like me, chances are that you have  experienced the powerful, erotic and magnetic connection between two souls destined to be together for moments or for long periods of time until it unexpectedly ends. . Once it ends, then there is the longing for that special soul mate connection.

There are two ways that you can send emotional and sexual telepathic messages to your lover, soul mate or ex lover are DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY. I find sending this energy indirectly is a lot less manipulative then doing it directly. Anyone with a powerful imagination and the ability to visualize their dreams can do this. If you can do this, then I know you can, you can manifest anything you want in your life. YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL. I recommend doing this about 15 minutes a day.


Find a blank wall and concentrate on that blank wall. See your lover or ex lover face and body on that wall. Some people may do it with their eyes closed, but I do it with my eyes open. While I’m staring at the blank wall, I feel and see pink energy flowing through my eyes  directing to the blank wall into the face, body and energy field of my  lover or ex lover.  This is the pink light of pure divine love. I call out his name, and I say “I am sending so-and-so beautiful loving  energy from so and so while I’m concentrating on this pink flow of energy. I say “So and so misses you terribly, and she wants you to call her, etc. etc. etc.”. Keep doing it until you feel it’s complete.


For me personally, I find this method to be a little more manipulative;  so I don’t do it directly anymore. Again, find a blank wall and see the face of your lover or ex-lover on that blank wall.  SEE and FEEL yourself sending  the pink light of divine love. You are sending the energy through your eyes.  Tell the person quietly or out loud (depending where you are) that you are sending them the pink light of pure divine love. Now say “I love you so and so. I want to marry you so and so. I can’t imagine my life with anyone else but so and so, etc. etc. etc”.



First, I will tell you how to send sexual energy to a  lover, lost love or potential lover. In my working days when I worked in the corporate world and I felt a man thinking about me sexually, it would distract me to no end. I would go into a  private bathroom  stall. while  I was feeling that man’s energy, I would concentrate specifically on  sending sexual energy to his penis, so that he would get a hard on in the middle of the workday. You use the red energy of passion and see this red energy flowing between the two of us. I would visualize myself sucking his penis and feeling connected to his penis. It is very easy. All you have to do is see his penis in your inner vision and start going down on his penis in your mind saying  ” I’m turning you on so-and-so”. If you’re alone, you can say it out loud. If you’re not alone, say it quietly.

I will give you one very powerful example of how strong and effective this process of sending sexual energy to a lover or ex lover is. One day after hours of feeling this man’s sexual energy that I was dating, I went into the restroom and sent him energy to give him a hard on. As soon as I got back to my desk, he called me  to ask me to stop. He couldn’t get out from behind his desk. There have many times when I have felt a man’s sexual energy where I have called him to let him know I felt it. Of course, each time I let the a man know that I know he is fantasizing about me, he is surprised that I even know this.



You  can practice soul kissing in the same manner as you do when you are sending sexual energy; however, instead of seeing and sending energy to their penis, you are focusing on their lips and visualizing yourself kissing their lips. You can either use the energy of the red light of passion or the pink light of pure divine love.

As a love psychic, my clients over the years have asked me to communicate with their loved ones and give them messages from them. My expertise as a love psychic and a feelings psychic is to channel your Soul Mateyour lover or your lost love’s deepest most hidden thoughts, feelings and intentions towards you and if you have a future together; HOWEVER, I CANNOT AND WILL NOT SEND THEM MESSAGES. Here is why: If these messages are not sent BY YOU, there could be a major miscommunication. This prompted me to realize that I had to blog about how to send sexual energy and emotional messages to soul mateslovers and  lost loves from afar. Before you embark on your soul to soul communication journey, I recommend that you find out  if it is not against his or her will. If it is against their will, you might push them further away and cause a lot of confusion within them.


Allow me to share an experience with you about the do’s and don’ts of sending sexual and emotional thoughts to someone.  This experience is from over 20 years ago. I was seeing somebody in another state, and to make a long story short, it ended quite suddenly. I was heartbroken; so, I started sending messages saying “I want to marry Linda”. Well guess what, it worked, but not for me. He ended up marrying another woman named Linda. You have to be very careful how you send messages. You can do them indirectly or directly. Please, however, keep in mind that you DO NOT want to do anything against someone’s will.

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