Love In A box Dream

Love In A Box Dream

I had a very powerful dream journey last night after programming my dreams with my Guardian Angels. I am not sure of whether it was a lucid dream or not, because lucid dreaming has been difficult for me to achieve, but last night (or very early this morning). I really stepped up for myself. I always thank my Guardian Angels for continuing to work with me in my dreams.

Last night, I thanked my Guardian Angels for continuing to remove obstacles that are preventing me from being getting into a soul mate relationship, etc. etc. In my dream, I had something that was very important and valuable to me, but I do not remember what that was. This guy decided that I did not deserve it, and he took it away from me. I felt very hurt and upset, and I cried. He then told me that he met this girl. He wanted to be with her, because she brought a tear to his eye. I heard he was having a party. Although I was not invited, I went anyway with a small box with the love that he took from me. I said to him as I showed him the small box “I know that I was not invited, but I came anyway. I am keeping what you took from me, because I deserve to keep it”. He smiled, and said that I was welcome to stay. Some other guy who was welcoming people came up to me and hugged me. He felt familiar to me. I then decided to go home in an uber, since there was no one at the party accept for the greeters.

The meaning of this dream was very significant to me. At the age that I am, I sometimes feel alone . I would like to have someone special in my life. After all, I am the soul mate psychic, the most romantic psychic in the world. I help everyone find their soul mate, so now it is time for me. I believe I shifted my mindset in this dream. What was in the box represents love to me, which feels to me like I originally let him take the love away from me due to not feeling worthy of love. I stood up for myself, and I said “No he cannot take love away from me, because I deserve to be loved”.

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