Sensual Lucid Dreaming

The Weirdest Lucid Dream I Have Ever Had

I have been talking to my Guardian Angel, Jonathan, a lot lately thanking him for guiding me into deep sleep and for removing blocks (while I am awake and while I am asleep and dreaming) to a beautiful soul mate relationship, more financial abundance and greater physical health.

My first lucid dream last night was unexpected to say the least. I thought that I was having a hard time falling asleep last night. I did not realize that I had actually fallen asleep, and was dreaming. I do not actually remember the dream itself, accept that I was assisting someone with something. I kept asking myself why am I still awake, and why can’t I fall asleep. Suddenly, I decided that I had to leave the dream. I started to leave to get something to eat and drink, and someone called after me saying “You’re here! I put you down as here!” I left, walked right out of the dream and woke myself up. I was not happy to have woken myself up. That was one weird lucid dream.

When I was finally able to fall asleep again after some frustration with myself (since it has happened once or twice before recently), I had a series of dreams. The first one was that I was in a singles event. There were only a few women, and no men. Later, I was attending a one on one event/workshop, and it was myself and another guy. Then the third scene was me in bed naked with a woman, and we were intimate. I felt uncomfortable that it was not a man, and so I left that dream scene in search of a man. I then became lucid again as I was still dreaming and sleeping. I kept remembering and going over all the dream scenes that I was having, so I could remember them when I woke up.

Here are some of my person dream meanings to some of my dream scenes (as I like to call them). I am a single gal, and I am hoping to meet someone. Obviously, the one and one was someone that I believe my Guardian Angel was introducing me to. As for the dream scene with the naked woman, I wonder if she is a part of me, and that part of me is guiding my sensual self back to life. It felt pretty erotic.

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