Meditating With Archangel Michael

I wrote an ebook quite awhile ago (and recently updatied it) called The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams, and in it I included a chapter on Dreaming With The Angels And Archangels. I also blogged a tiny bit about the chapter “Dreaming with the Angels and Archangels“.

I have more to add today due to some ah ha moments I have been having while taking Kyle Gray’s Angel Team year long workshop. Currently I am working with Archangel Michael. I just meditated with him, and I saw him as a very tall and magnificent male being wearing a cape. He has dark eyes and dark face, and he has a very angular face. He has kind eyes. I suddenly realized that although I have never felt safe in my choices of male partners that I have had due to my past history and my choice of someone who I married. I just realized that all I have to do to feel safe in my choices with romantic partners is to turn over my choices to Archangel Michael. He is our protector, and he keeps us safe not only in travel, but in all areas of our lives. I will be meditating with him for awhile before I move onto another Archangel, and I will be updating you all. What a revelation!