My Naked Hugging Dream

My Naked Hugging Dream

I had a very powerful dream last night; and since I uploaded my youtube video about my dream, I have had more realizations about the meaning of my dream journey last night that I did not talk about in my youtube video.

I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel to open the door to a loving relationship, and to keep the door open. I was working in an office, and suddenly to my surprise there was a wide open window. It was a Sunday, and this man that I saw through the window and I were the only ones in the office.

You must watch the video to see what happened between the man and me; however, I can tell you that we were both naked. I suddenly realized that the fact that I was at work was me working on myself to open the door (and in this case the window) to a future lover and soul mate. Sunday to me in my mind has always been a very lazy sexy day where I have always envisioned myself with a lover who wants to lay in bed all day together.

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