My Hotel Dream

My Hotel Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raphael to help me to open the door in my dreams to a loving soul mate relationship.


In my dream, Caliente (the clothing optional resort where I live) and The Claridge Hotel are attached by a door that goes between Caliente and the hotel. I decide to move to the Claridge Hotel, a very classy and elegant hotel, because this is where I can meet single guys, and I won’t have to walk around the block to meet them. This hotel is huge which lots of shops and restaurants. I am walking around looking for the door to go back to Caliente, but I can’t find it. At one point, I sat down next to this guy with a red rose or flower in his lapel. We made small talk, and then I got up in search of the door. In the midst of my search, I hear a couple arguing through the wall, and a baby crying. I let security know.


In search of my soul mate, I chose to go through the door to find him in a very classy and elegant hotel I chose not to go around the block (an actually blockage), which means that I did walk through the door; however, I feel like this was a look see into the life of my future soul mate. Once I walked through the door, I wanted to find my way back to Caliente; however, I could not find the door. I believe that I did get a look into the more elegant side of life. The man that I spoke to had a rose on his lapel, so perhaps I got a look at my future soul mate. Perhaps hearing the crying baby through the wall is my inner child looking for love, and there has been a wall up to love for me. A couple arguing to me is an unsettled feeling about relationships due to my past, and that is why I have a wall up.