Geographic Soul Connections Reiki Attunement

Learn that our soul is our teacher.



Geographic Soul Connections Reiki Attunement – Synchronicity at its best – Brand New – I am the founder

I am pleased to introduce you to the energies of the Geographic Soul Connections Reiki Attunement Chanenlling the energies of this Attunement helped me to learn that our soul is our teacher. The energy of our soul has many spiritual gifts for us. When we listen to our soul, we nourish our soul. WE ARE OUR SOUL. We are given our physical body at birth. I believe that there are billions of souls out there in the universe, and each soul has a body or is waiting to go into a body. Everyday, in order to nourish our soul, we need to go within ourselves and meditate to see what our Soul’s message is forus each day.

A Geographic soul connection is a state, country, city, street, location, country, house, condo, apartment, etc. where you feel a strong connection with. This is where your soul feels most nourished and alive. This is a healthy place. It is a place that holds positive soul memories of a past life. This is a place where you experience constant syncronicity –synchronicity at it’s best.

Each geographic location that you are in holds energy in it. The energy is different for everyone. When we feel connected like that, I believe that this is where our soul has lived before AND EXPERIENCED JOY AND HAPPINESS. We belong there, and our soul knows….Our soul needs to be there for nourishment, creativity and love, AND SO DO WE. We are your soul. When you do not feel connected to where you live or to certain social circles, your soul doesn’t thrive and your creativity is stunted.

Synchronicity plays a huge part in where your soul needs to live in order to help you to feel the most inspired,the most creative, the most loved, the most prosperous and the most successful. Your soul knows….. When you live in a positive Geographic Soul Connection, you will know, because you will experience constant synchronicity.

This attunement CAN be included in Attunement Packages of more than 2 attunements, but not until June 30, 2010; HOWEVER, after June 30, 2010, it will count as 3 attunements.

This attunement CAN BE immediately sold in buy 1 get 1 free, but it cannot be your free attunement until June 30, 2010. Up until June 30, it MUST be the attunement that you purchase in the buy 1 get 1 free.


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