I Am A Social Butterfly Reiki Attunement

Charisma, Confidence, Friendly, Social Butterfly



I AM A Social Butterfly Reiki Attunement – I am the founder – Incl. manual and FREE
Social Life Psychic Reading (NO QUESTIONS).

This attunement will be chi balled to you.

ATTENTION:  AS PER MY MANUAL, this system cannot be passed for free, traded or given as a swap. It CAN NEVER be passed for free on Yahoo, Ning networks, Swap Groups or Sites and never as a buy one get one free on eBay. Energy will not flow freely if given as a free attunement .


Do you find ourself feeling isolated and cut off from life and people; then you will find the “ I AM A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY REIKI ATTUNEMENT ” is the perfect attunement for YOU. In fact, this attunement is the perfect attunement for both men and women, children and teenagers.


It can assist you in your powerful transformation from a shy reserved, insecure “Wallflower” who is afraid of rejection into a confident and secure Social Butterfly. A“Wallflower” is uncomfortable at social gatherings. They are a bit of anintrovert, and they don’t interact well with people at parties and sometimes in any situation. As a Social Butterfly, you will become more outgoing, more fun and more confident.


The I AM A Social Butterfly Reiki Attunement will work with cleansing your Solar Plexus, so that you can be transformed in the following ways:

Removal of fears of being seen

Become more sociable

Become a more secure individual

Become more charismatic

Gives you a feeling of belonging

Become more confident

Become more  of an extrovert

Connect with your personal power

Gives you more of a sense of humor

Become more available

Your life becomes more fullfilling socially.


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