Star Power Energy Attunement

Connect with your creativity, dreams and goals. Comes with a free follow up psychic reading



Star Power Energy Attunement –  Updated 2021 – I am the founder – Comes with a free follow up psychic reading.

This attunement is for adult men and women of all ages, all nationalities and all religions who feel that they have been stifled in life. It is also for teenagers and children to prevent them from being stifled in life by childhood fears and anxieties. You do not have to hide your light under a bushel. It is ok to be seen and heard. Your true potential in life awaits you. It doesn’t matter what your goals, dreams and desires are, the STAR POWER attunement will help you to connect with your creativity and dreams and goals, and it will give you the STAR POWER to succeed. You can be a STAR in everything you do.


Feeling Empowered
Strength, Courage and Determination
For women to feel their goddess energy
Feeling loved and wanted
For success in any endeavor
Obtaining Goals
Financial Security
Increasing your income
Improving love relationships
Healing your inner child
Higher grades on tests
To experience more of your creativity
To exceed in business
To exceed as a singer, dancer, actress, etc.
For more sexual excitement


The Star Power Energy Attunement can be chi balled to you or sent by appointment.

Upon payment through paypal, please send your picture and your four questions to


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