My dream about a guy picking me up for a date.

The Guy At The Door Dream 10/1/20


Once again, I had called in The Magician. This time, however, I called in The Magician from Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot Deck to magically guide me to my future soul mate.


This guy invited me to a party as his date. I’m trying to get ready, and it is taking me longer then expected. The guy arrives at the door, and he rings my doorbell. I am still not dressed or ready yet. I took a towel and put it in front of me as I answered the door. We hugged. He was a tall very nice looking well dressed man with grey or white hair, and he was wearing tan pants. I’m expecting to go to a party that I will know many people there. Unexpectedly, he takes me to a different party in the same building. He opens the refrigerator door at the party, because before he picked me up, he had brought watermelon to the party. The watermelon was gone, and he was told that the party goers had devoured all the watermelon already

Earlier in the evening before I went upstairs to get ready for my date to the party, in the underground garage, there is a couple getting out of their car that are going to the party. The guy was wearing a see through tutu in heels, and I am thinking that I cannot believe that my parents will be attending this party. I hope they can handle it.


The fact that I was not ready when he came to pick me up makes me wonder if I am being told that I am not quite ready to meet someone. It could also be that it is taking longer then I expected to meet someone. I am, however, nude with a towel in front of me. Since I live in a clothing optional resort (for real), it is natural for me to answer the door without clothes on. I then got dressed very quickly, and I was ready to go to the party. The guy that i saw with the tutu on in the underground garage is typical of what a woman might wear to the night club or private party at the clothing optional resort that I live in. I am expecting to go to a party that I will know people there, but he

sidetracks me and takes me to a different party. I can’t tell whether I am disappointed or surprised, because we did something totally different. This shows me that I could be going in a different direction with my life, and maybe this man is not the typical direction that I go in with the men that I date. Perhaps he is not a nudist. The watermelon in the refrigerator makes me think of being juicy, and we were both prepared to be juicy. The party guests had devoured the watermelon. I wonder if it is showing me that I have a lack consciousness. Going to a different party reminds me of FOMO (my fear of missing out).

It is 10/23/20, and I just realized that I opened the door to love. We went to a different party then what was familiar to me, so this guy is going to be totally different then what I expect, and he will take me on a totally different journey.

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