I Broke The Mold Dream 9/28/2020

I programmed my dreams with The Magician, from Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot Card Deck. so that he could work with me in breaking my pattern of creating emotionally unavailable men, and so that I could manifest a new soul mate relationship. I placed The Magician on my Dream Alter.

In my dream, I brought a mold of a man into my bed. I went to lay down next to him (right side), and his right arm broke off. It made a mess in my bed. I took the mold, and I put it on the floor against the wall. Some woman decided to power wash my bed, and she told me that it would take two hours. When she finally put sheet on the bed, I could see that they were a pretty blue with pretty picture patterns on them.


Number 2 is a symbol of partnership, so she said she would be completing the power washing of my bed. She is cleansing me of my pattern of creating emotionally unavailable men. I broke the mold, Yeaaaaaaa. The right side to me means “right action”. The sheets are blue, so for me it represents male energy. The pretty picture patterns represent a new pattern for me in relationships.