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Many of my clients have written to me asking me how I discovered I was psychic and how to know if they are psychic or not. To explain my psychic awareness, I have to start from the beginning. I grew up in a household where I felt stiffled by an overprotective and very controlling mother (RIP). I didn’t even know who I was. I was who my  mother wanted me to be. I was literally a  just a shell of fear and confusion. I isolated myself and barely even communicated with my peers.

The only thing I could connect with was the knowledge of who I was in a past life. Growing up in  Southern California in the area of the L.A. airport, I had dejavu constantly in different parts of the house, and those intense dejavu feelings never went away. As a teenager, I instinctly understood that the woman I was picking up  on was from a past life, and I was living in the negative karma from that particular past life either in that specific house or on the land where the house was built. I also knew that as long as I lived in that house and the area of the house, I would not be happy. I never shared this information with anyone until I got older. The day I graduated from high school, our family moved about an hour away to Huntington Beach, California.. I felt a freedom that I had never experienced before. True I was still living with with an overbearing mother, but I felt lighter and more peaceful. It was a new beginning for me.

About two months later, I met my ex husband, and  after 10 months of dating, we got married and  moved to Van Nuys (1 1/2 hours away). I was 19 years old. A month before I turned 21, we separated and eventually got divorced. For the first time, I was living on my own and discovering life. As time went on, I began discovering and connecting to my true identity (the true essense of me) and my soul got stronger, I began feeling the presence of my inner God, and I  knew he was guiding me and directing me. I felt a connection so powerful beyond words, which made me feel safe. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was meant to be. As time went on, I started for the fun of it going to parties and nightclubs  reading men and women as I wondered through the crowd. I knew the presence of inner God was giving me the information that I could see in people. I scared the men, and the women were fascinated. The more I worked with those abilities, the more confident and fascinated I became. I felt strong with the knowledge of my psychic abilities. Going through Lifespring in August of 1980, played a monumental and profound role in unblocking  my third eye. It was then that my inner child began to heal; and as my inner child began the healing journey of becoming the woman I was mean to be, I became more and more clairvoyant. I knew that eventually the time would come when I would have a psychic business. I kept saying to myself “someday someday”. That “someday” came in 1985 when I left the secretarial job I was in for 5 years at First Interstate Bank in downtown L.A. My coworkers and bosses knew about my abilities, and at one point I was asked to stop sharing my insights. They were there whether I asked for them or not.  The psychic insights, at times, overwhelmed me and would put me in a fog. They finally let me go, because I could not or did I want to conform to the standards of a secretary in the corporate world.

What I can tell you is that if you connect with the powerful presence within you, whether it be God, the Angels, etc.,  and ask for the psychic insights, it will flow through that source you are connected to. I allowed it to flow, because I desired my abilities so strongly. God trusted me and gave them to me as a gift. EVERYONE is psychic whether they know it or not.  If your fear is stronger then your psychic abilities, then you will prevent it from opening your third eye. For me, I have always seen images and felt insights, and I always knew when someone was thinking of me. I started doing automatic writing and psychometry (holding an object that belonged to someone).Here is an exceptionally powerful tool that I have taught my clients to connect with their psychic abilities. Light a white candle, stare at the flame and pray to/talk to your inner God. Ask God (or whoever you pray to) important questions that are currently affecting your love life, career, finances, etc, and he will answer you.  Do this about 15 minutes a day without skipping a day; and you will begin to have the psychic insights you need to power yourself in your life. The answers are already within you.

My purpose in this lifetime is to help men and women with the difficulties they are having in life and give them insight into the future. (especially in matters of the heart).  If you would like a reading to help you get started, please click here.

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