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We Are Beautiful Souls That Deserve To Be Loved

Our hearts are very fragile, and it can be difficult to get over and release a lost love, especially a first love,  whether we have been with him or her for a long time or even for a short time, . This is especially difficult if this person has broken up with us or even worse passed away. Even short term love connections can be difficult to release. Our fragile hearts go through a grieving process, and there is no specific time for a heart to heal from a lost love.

The grieving process can makes us feel as if our lives are over and that there will never again be another love greater then our hearts can take. There is no specific time for the grieving process to be completed.  Many people (like me) go into our heads, and then we turn off our hearts. First loves come primarily when we are young and innocent and our hearts are pure, vulnerable and open with no tell tale signs of being emotionally scarred. We have no idea how to even protect our heart, nor do we want to. We are excited about the process of falling in love. My story is no different from anyone else’s. I met my first love when I was 21, and I never said to him OUT LOUD “I love you”. This is because I learned as a child to stuff my feelings inside me. I gave him a card that said “My heart is yours”. His very words were “We have to be strong”, and then shockingly he ended it a few days later. I was numb for a very long time. Due to the fact that I didn’t say those words out loud, I went into my head and could not feel until many years later (25 years later to be exact).  Here is how I was able to feel love again for the second time.  I found the book by Marianne Williamson “Illuminata”,  a book on prayers for every situation including creating new love. Here are a couple of prayer that I repeated for approximately a month.  I repeated this prayers couple times daily for at least 10 or 15 minutes at a time until I unexpectedly fell in love again. The timing is different for everyone.

It literally felt like air was flowing through my heart whenever I said “I love you” to him. The relationship didn’t work out, but now I knew how it  felt to actually feel love and how it felt for my heart to be open. It literally felt like air was flowing through my heart.. Here are two  prayers which are on pages 150 and 164 of her book. Since I am single at the moment,  I have been reminded to repeat these prayers again. I will let you know how it comes, so please subscribe to this particular blog, and also please let my  blog readers know how these prayers work for you.

PRAYER TO ATTRACT GREAT LOVE   Dear God, I feel an empty space within me, a place where I would so love to love. I know that if my beloved came here, I would adore and cherish, honor and serve him. Please give me the opportunity to expand my heart into the life of another in the holiest way, the most beautiful way, the most intimate way, if that serves your purpose. For I would learn the secrets of love and use what I learn to grace the life of another. What a marveleous possibility, Lord, that such a treasure would be placed in my hands. Please do this. I will try my best. Amen.

 INTIMACY PRAYERDear God, Please show me how to love. Teach me how to extend my light into the life of another. Remove the barriers to my soul, the walls which stand in front of my heart, my commitment to aloneness. My resistances to joining. I do not seek love, dear God, for I know it is all around me. I seek instead the healing of my resistances to it, the strenghtening of my spirit; that I might learn to love, to love wello, to love fully, to love deeply. When my true love calls dear Lord, please keep my ears open. Let me not shut down. Let me not forsake him. Let me always remember that is call to love him is my call to love you. Thank you very much. Amen.

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