Twin Flame Maybe?

Today I want to talk about the subject of twin flames.  I believe that we have many soul mates in our lifetime, and I actually teach my clients how to draw in a soul mate relationship. I teach them that if one soul mate relationship ends, it is not the end of the world. Manifesting is easy. Keeping the connection is not always the case.  I never believed in the actual concept of twin flames until I met a man on August 25th of this year, and we started a beautiful “connected” soul filled relationship. Sadly, our  relationship ended  a couple of days ago on September 25. I  truly believed him to be my twin flame. I still do, and I can’t believe it is over. He seemed to be the male version of me, and I seemed to be the female version of him. We often spoke what the other was thinking, and our connection was like no other I have ever experienced. I have read where Twin Flame Relationships may not last forever if there is still karma to be worked out.

I am sad. This man that I had been dating pretty much just sabotaged our relationship a couple of days ago. I absolutely adored this man, and the feelings I had for him inspired me to blog about WHAT IS LOVE about a week ago after he wrote about WHAT IS LOVE on a private facebook group that we both belonged to. I don’t think I have ever felt as connected to any man as I did with him emotionally, spiritually and sexually. He brought out the ME that had been hidden for so many years-the ME that I hoped was hidden under all my fears and childhood memories. I had hoped that the ME that was hidden would appear someday and experience “connection” like I had always desired. I guess you can say it was on my emotional bucket list. When my real true pure loving essense showed up in his presence, I was happier then I have ever been in years. I guess for many years I was afraid of “connection”.  I will never really know why he chose to sabotage our relationship. He could have been afraid and unsure of the deepening of our connection, because the “connection” happened quite quickly for us.  Perhaps in his eyes, I wasn’t enough even though I know within the very depths of my soul that I AM ENOUGH..  At least I now know what “connection” really feels like and that I can go past the barriers I placed on myself since childhood. I’m getting there through God’s love. It’s slowly coming, and someday I am going to mutually connect with someone on an even greater level then I had with this man. I live in a clothing optional resort, and I introduced this man to the beauty and wholesomeness of the nudist lifestyle. He absolutely loved it. It was like he woke up. Up until this point, all my friends at my club thought I wanted to be alone. They saw me alone for a very long time, and they assumed that this was the way I wanted it to be. The truth is that I never wanted to be alone. I had just shut down  after years of disappointment and heartache and lack of connection. He was one giant force of love that swept through my world, and now he is gone. After the way he sabotaged our relationship, it had to be over out of respect for myself. I am worthy of being loved.

The trust has been broken.