Pink Chick Psychic's Blog is All About Love BABY & Also About Tapping Into Her Own Creative Genius Through Dream Programming To Manifest A Soul Mate Relationship

Dear God.  I am thinking about what could have been, but not for long. I am repeating the affirmation “I declare divine order in my love, sex and romantic life”, so I know that God has something incredible planned for me. I know that not  all relationships are meant to be. Thank you for showing me that all my love experiences are stepping stones to what could be a love that is meant to be. To my future soul mate. I am ready and waiting for you. I know you’re out there. My heart is open, and I am imagining you in my day and night dreams. I thank you God for helping me to be a strong passionate and loving woman and for helping me to see my true worth in love.  I am grateful that you are hearing my prayers   Thank you God for your guidance. Amen

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