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Where’s Ken?


Before you embark on reading this true tale of my first love, I want you all to know that I got over Ken a long time ago; however, the dreams that I had about him through out the years haunted me for a very long time.

Once upon a time, I met my first love at the age of 21. I was newly separated and about to be divorced.  I met Ken in a vibrant nightspot called “My Place  located in the heart of Encino, California. That is when the tale of my soul stirring and my heart’s awakening began. Though our love was not fated to last an eternity, we had six months of pure bliss, stirring our souls with passion and tenderness. He was the first to awaken my heart, his memory forever etched in my mind,

In the depths of my heart, Ken, my first love, forever remains, a beacon of cherished memories that time cannot fade. The love that we shared stirred my soul in a way that my ex, to whom I was wed at a mere  age of nineteen, could not. My soul stirring path with Ken began just three months after I separated from my ex whose fleeting memory never touched my lips again. Ken was a transformative presence in my life, acting like a magic wand to unlock my voice, which somehow got lost in childhood. I was unable to articulate my trapped feelings and emotions. Through the soul stirring connection with Ken, I found the strength to break free from my “lost voice” cycle, and I begin expressing myself. I’ve  fallen in love twice since then, and I attribute this new found expression of the feelings within me to the power of expressing ME. It’s amazing how something as simple as sharing ME can have such a profound impact on my life. I know within the very depths of my soul that I make a difference, something that I did not know existed within me until I experienced the soul stirring love within me called Ken Love. 

After the lost of my magical relationship with Ken,  I felt the numbness within my heart and soul for a very long time until my heart stirred again at the age of 46; and then again at 66. It is never too late to experience the soul stirring feeling of being in love or what I call ‘air flowing through my heart”. To feel the aliveness inside me is the most beautiful feeling there is.  

Ken Love is calling my name once more! At age 72, I’m ready to feel that heart-throbbing, soul-shaking love again. I’m on the hunt for that Ken-kind-of-love that makes my heart dance and my soul sing. Oh, the thrill of feeling alive and kicking, all thanks to a little bit of love! I am eager to feel the sweet embrace of passion and tenderness. With a heart yearning for  Ken Love,  I am ready to embrace the dance of love that ignites my soul and sets my spirit alight. Oh, the boundless joy of feeling alive and vibrant, all thanks to the enchanting elixir of love called “Air Flowing Through My Heart”.

Find your Ken in a sea full of soul mates



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